100km Treadmill world record attempt - live on YT

World record attempt on Zwift today by Florian Neuschwander running at around 3.50/km


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Sorry, I’m going to have to be a hard pass on this.

I don’t think my heart could deal with the 6 hours of nerve-shredding tension and excitement.


I don’t know what’s worse - watching it or thinking about running a 100km on a treadmill (at any pace let alone 3:50/km)

I’ll pass watching as well - thought it might interest a few on here

Isn’t the outdoor world record 3:41/km ?
There was an invitational race a few weeks back, for the Hoka Carbon X release


Indoor record seems “soft” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

He’s been running 3.5h and his Zwift avatar is standing there doing stretches. How annoying is that?

Background viewing.

All I can see is Ned Flanders running on a treadmill.

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Kind of thing to tune in with 15 mins to go

Just under 20km

Let’s hope he’s put some € in the meter. :grin:

How is he doing?


Is he done?

he’s showing an interesting technique if not… Or is that a way to cheat in zwift it just goes on belt speed maybe?

He’s picked a flat course. I recognise that on Zwift.

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Funnily enough the avatar was still going after he stopped running :grin: oh the irony

If the speedo was correct he was shifting at the end :+1:

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6hrs 26mins for 100km.

And, Adam Holland is running 100 miles today at a pace that is not much slower.



After an hour I’ve had enough. Chapeau.


He does my nut in. Very talented fella, but irritating as hell.