2024 Races

When I’ve been in a similar difficult place regards fitness and especially after deciding I had to stop running, I entered left field events that I wouldn’t normally have considered and, invariably really enjoyed them.

2008 - after suffering badly from EIA at Norseman, I randomly entered the Atlantic Coast Challenge. Had never considered running multiple days, especially on such challenging terrain, it remains one of the best experiences of my sporting life
2015 - Scilly Swim. Again, had never thought of doing anything like this (although you could argue that OtillO has some similarities).

Sometimes, not feeling able to do what you had in your plans can free you to do something completely different.

OtillO wasn’t like that as I entered as my A race for 2010. However, nobody had any idea of how to train for it as the concept was so new. I spoke to several coaches about how to train for it, didn’t really get anything helpful back.
So I made it up as I went along and had a great year just by doing different things to normal.

You might see yourself as unfit now but you still knock out 200km rides regularly. It’s not like you’re in Mr Creosote territory. :smile:


I’ve done the Fred twice good memories of it.

First one the weather was biblical second time glorious and I got sunburnt. Had an ankle injury so it was a long day out


Did the Fred in 8 hours (unlike Rob Jebb with his car with flashing lights and his amazing time, was it 5h something?) His car and flashing lights didn’t go down too well with the organisers et al tho. It’s all about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Also did it in 2019 or was it 2018 hmmmm in 9h as the bike leg of that Tri X Ironman. We actually missed Wrynose due to a cyclist’s death and went South at Cockley Beck and then up some real pig dog of a climb with clouds of flies just wanting to piss me off by sniffing around my sweaty hands legs arms shoulders head (and toes… oh no) and neck. Urghhhhhhhhhhhh. Challenging. Ended up about 117 miles that day.

Lucky, weather ok I think both times. Wasn’t able to be a hail/snow martyr :rofl:


@adam does an event and it rains.

I’m shocked :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah. I was thinking that.
30.1kmh, too :person_shrugging:t3:

Mr Diesel.

I’ve quit the club now, so might start going with some different middle aged folks from Pinarello store. But 10am is far too late for me. 0840 and I’m desperate to get back for midday. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Looking to sign up to stuff for next year but baulking at the cost. Even with a club discount, a sprint du is £47 :money_mouth_face:


Thought I had a chance of Tokyo marathon last week, there was a special ballot for 4 & 5 star major holders. But looks like I didn’t get lucky this time. Not a huge problem as I didn’t enter the standard ballot but after changing from Valencia 70.3 it would have been an option.

Now looking at a half marathon somewhere in Europe in March for a bit of sun in the med! Also Lisbon but it could be quite windy on that route.


No races planned next year.

Virtual/time trials:
Q1 100m TT, 40km TT, separate 10km run
Q2 1900m TT, Olympic
Q3 70.3

I may be doing some relay support at Blenheim which isn’t really racing either.

May do some Kent Fitness League races over winter but no goals and no chance of getting any points.



European enough for you? Or it seems Lisbon, Portugal have a race in March if you want a little more chance of sun.

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Doubt I’ll get much sunshine in Liverpool and could do without getting my car nicked :joy:

The Lisbon one is a maybe and also saw Cyprus or Malta. But I’d need clearance from Greta :grimacing:


Just offset against @Poet. He’s never wanting to leave these shores again he said.



Why would you leave? :person_shrugging:t3:
Everything I need right here :white_check_mark:


I heard they have kitchens with perfect panel gaps overseas :man_shrugging: :grin:


Mine does now :heart_eyes::white_check_mark:

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Except even decent weather :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Like she’d have said OK to the Tokyo marathon? :smiley:

What’s that great north run thing you guys have, isn’t that in your neck of the woods? Greta would be OK with that if you caught the bus (to the start, I’m not suggesting cheating)


You’ve just got the wrong clothes.
I was out for three hours yesterday.
Like scuba diving, so it was :joy:


That’s even worse, it involves going to Newcastle :flushed::joy:


Finally transferred all of the events scheduled up to June next year on to Training Peaks and got a bit of a surprise….


Looks like the castle series is expanding to Belvoir in July next year. I did race there once, swim was a bit minging but ended up with a DNF after a mechanical. Still did the run though.