220 Triathlon Awards 2019

Yeah fair one

Honorary member, eh? Does she not even pay subs :joy::rofl::joy:

In her salary I would seriously hope so…!

My mate mentioned her earlier in the week said she was up for some award in 220.

She has links there geographically but don’t think she’s outside TF Chester every Tuesday and Thursday …?!

He’s a real nice fella but wasn’t very “ complimentary “

I’m sure she’s a nice lady but draftgate has stuck.

she is. I know her to talk to as met her a number of times in my role as a TO and her’s as either GB athlete or on mejia duties. but I have no idea why she was nominated beyond her celeb status as she’s probably the most high profile media celeb knocking around the circuit.


I did a 5 mile(ish) trail run in the summer. It was a very basic, local fundraiser for a local park & LM was there along with perhaps 50 other people.

To be fair on this occasion she didn’t draft anyone, but she did use her dog for a cani-tow :joy:

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That’s probably harsh …!
She’s obviously a decent athlete.

Chester tri too…! ( Honorary )

I’m right behind her …

Or should that be the other way around ?!?!

I’ll say one thing about Munchkin - she’s prepared to get stuck in and give events a good go, and not just do it 'cos they think it will enhance their status.

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she has done and is doing quite a bit for women’s participation in tri…but she gets a platform to sell her image as a result…

on the topic of awards…i have no idea how you get shortlisted…but as a writer, i have been approached a couple of times to provide copy for a reduced fee for advertising…