Anyone on it yet?

I’m currently SIM only; replaced my phone last July (cash buy) so it’s modern. Vodafone are offering me ‘Ultra’ unlimited mobile data for £25/month; is it worth it? I figure I can set-up my phone as a hotspot when we’re away from home.

Are you talking about a home broadband type setup, or a mobile phone contract? I’m with three. As with the release of 4g, three are making 5g available for free to their customers. The main barrier to 5g mobile is the device costs. A galaxy s10 5g is upwards of a grand just for the device.

This is Mobile SIM only.

So what device are you going to use it on to access the 5g network?

As I say, my contract with three is technically a 5g one. I just couldn’t justify the device cost when I bought my new phone in November.

A quick Google says there are only 9 5g capable devices available in the UK at the moment.

Yeah, that looks like a stumbling block atm. I will check to see if the ‘Max’ does indeed mean 5G device req’d. If so, I might just go for a 12-month contract on something a bit cheaper and see what the market is like after that.

ETA - I see that 5G is not available where we live currently; below is a guide from an independent review:

Max will give you the fastest available download speeds on Vodafone. In theory, this can go up to 1Gbit/s (1,000Mbit/s). However, it’s more realistic to get average download speeds of around 150-200Mbit/s on 5G and around 25-35Mbit/s on 4G

The main barrier is the lack of backhaul capacity from the cell tower to the network. Your phone may say its a 5G signal, which it is to the cell tower, but the cell to main node connection in rural areas is often a radio link, and that means its 384kbit shared which is p*ss poor. You can have a 150Mb conenction that goes nowhere.

In cities it’l be great but in even semi-reural areas, the coverage will be pants for many years.

Its like having your home road expended to 10 lanes in each direction, but it still connects to a small road with a lane in each direction with the same speed limit.

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Don’t worry Huawei will sort us out…

I don’t disagree generally, but living in London, the barrier to entry will be the cost of the device. Which is (not unexpectedly) “early adopter” high

you need a 5G enabled device to get access - not many of them around yet

I mean i know everyone likes getting newer/better/faster stuff etc. But is 4G really that debilitating that people feel the need to upgrade (early) to 5G?!

No, but many will do.

Even the orange buffoon got in on the act saying they should have 6G.


I live in a rural/semi-rural area and I’d just be happy if I could a phone signal indoors :rage:


Following with interest. :grin:

3G cell antennas stcuk in 2G masts and no attempt to fill in the gaps …

I think for me £25/month is actually worth it on 4G so I can tether the kids to my phone when we’re on the go; if I can get 20+mbps then all is good. The ‘no fair use’ unlimited is peace of mind.

What on earth are your kids streaming?!

We often drive to Scotland…that’s a lotta data.

That sentence makes zero sense but what would I know. :joy:

I work in the industry and know more than most about 5G - however, I couldn’t possibly comment further :no_mouth:

As do I. (RAN) In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if we work for the same company.
The ignorance is staggering