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As above really.

Who do you get?

Muse for me, which is pretty decent.


Tears for Fears from where I was born. Craig Davis for where I live.

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Of course, we got sodding Robbie Williams.

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I’ve never heard of those ones up in the northernmost counties!

I’ve gone from the Beatles to Gary Barlow.

Notwithstanding my epic lack of migratory ambition, it’s (no offence to GB) a bit of a comedown.

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Genesis for me. Glad to avoid Rick Astley who lives round this neck of the woods

I’ve got Little Boots. I’d say I don’t know who she is, but I used to play rugby with her brother. Still couldn’t tell you one of her songs…


Did her brother have little rugby boots?:grinning:

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That’s hilarious. I’d never heard of Shed Seven before I’d met my partner - can you guess where he’s from :joy::joy::joy:


Reckon I contributed, I definitely bought “chasing rainbows” on cassette single back in the day…

:clap: :clap:

I don’t remember. I was too busy shivering on the sidelines. #LifeAsASub :frowning:


Who the f* are FKA Twigs?

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I seriously thought Somerset would have between REEF or the Wurzels. :smile:


Managed to avoid James Blunt. Phew.

Yeah i took a 2nd look at that closely. :laughing:

Level 42 for the Isle of Wight? That makes sense, Mark King always slapped that bass like he had a couple of extra thumbs :grinning:

Muse would be a good fit for Poet :wink:. I am Muse by birth, so maybe I should keep quiet.

I saw Muse in the Horden Pavillion in Sydney, two days before I saw TOOL at the Sydney Ent Ctr. I couldn’t hear a thing for week!




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I think it’s a she!

Yeah i thought Joss Stone for Somerset. But she’s down as Kent (I think). Must’ve moved to Somerset later.