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We’ve got Spiritualized, those space rock people, from Rugby. Surprised though as I’d have thought James Morrison, also from Rugby, would have out-sold them, at least I’d heard of him.

Next door have Duran, I’d have guessed incorrectly at ELO

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Elton effin John, and if I go to the London borough map I still get Elton effin John

I run past his old house on Pinner Hill most weeks

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I couldn’t find an equivalent map of Scotland, but did find this:

Who the eff is Calvin Harris ?
Apparently he is from my home town.

Surely the Wurzels?

Calvin Harris does the collab remixes doesn’t he?

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James uCnting Blunt.

Its OK, we are thinking of moving soon.

Who in Frack is FKA Twiggs? missed that meeting

Family Fortunes question is name the worst things about getting old?
Answer number 7 of 8 was death!

FFS what has my life come to watching this rubbish
FFS who decided to put that on the show

It’s not light hearted but me and Mrs Hen pissed ourselves!


Named after a sign that you pass by train on the way into York station. They had a handful of hits in the mid-90s.

As a North Yorkshire boy I’m Shed Seven by birth and now Elton John (or David Bowie for Lambeth) now.

Didn’t know where else to put this. A genuine description of a pair of leggings. Taken from sport pursuit :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It’s been proven!

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Jayzuz. Someone will believe that too. I mean, the bit about the fabric absorbing then reflecting is bad enough; but then the next bit :see_no_evil:

Did you buy one?

‘absorbs the energy and reflects it back’ = keeps you warm then?


I haven’t studied Physics since 1990, but I’m sure a material cannot absorb energy and then reflect it. It would absorb it, retain it, then radiate it? I expect they would claim that it keeps you warm, and being warm makes you perform better, in certain circumstances. But some f*wit will think this means you can bench-press an extra 20kg off the benefits of this top.

We need to speak with our marketing expert @Symes

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In marketing terms it’s generally been the case that we make something up and if any of the public believe it then I must be true


marketing and IT have a lot in common…


Yeah. Best £40 bargain I’ve found. 50% off don’t you know!!! Must be true if they’ve discounted it that much.

(Absolutely no way I’ve purchased these. Someone will though)

I’ve just bought a 9.99 ‘ski’ baselayer from Lidl. Does the job!

But the copywriter included a single word sentence and that word was seriously, how much more could they do to prove you should order them. Seriously.

Not someone I’d want to be stuck in a lift with!

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