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A story from the 90s. Back then we knew a couple in Sussex - Mrs FB rowed with the wife. Her husband was a Physics PhD doing some post-doc airy fairy research in atmospheric physics. His brother had a Maths PhD and worked in the City derivatives market making shitloads of dosh - so much so that he and his wife bought a chalet near St Gervais in the Alps and he commuted to London weekly by plane from Geneva.

We stayed with them one night on our way to our gaff in Chamonix for a ski trip. Wife of the couple was basically a fucking City snob who didn’t like living in France as she spoke no French. She kept complaining about how the shops and veg in particular wasn’t as good as she could get from M&S in London.

LIke you’re in one of the best gastronomy countries in the world and you complain about the food quality?? She couldn’t get beyond the snobby London bubble she was from. Stupid cow - thick as 2 planks as well.


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Been shopping at Morrisons since it was Safeway. For me it’s the best blend of quality and value.
Sainsbury’s next.

Very occasional trips to Waitrose for specific items (soup & Rocks organic squash).

Local coop for milk and bits and pieces.

I went to Aldi once but didn’t enjoy being used for target practice at the checkout and then having a tattooed lady stare at me while I recovered and packed my purchases.


No-one mentioned Costco yet? Truly bizarre shopping experience. You have to pay to be a member to get in, and then it is like a food riot where you grab as much as you can and fight to get out again but they have put a load of food stands with queues in the way to block your path. Not sure if it compulsory to have an oversized 4X4 with tints to park there, but it seems to help.


Mad place. Lot of the stuff isnt that cheap unless you want to buy a years worth in one go.

The hotdogs and refillable drink for £1.50 cant be beat through

Booths is always my treat when heading down South, for treats and that fabulous bottled beer collection, always far too tempting.

Conclusive proof.



Sub Iceland quality, all the staff have grey skin.

Used to make the occasional visit to the one in Cheltenham as back in the day they were the only local source of Scottish Pies and Bridies.



my wife bought one of those for her BIL and “croc slut” for her sister


When we lived in Eastbourne our closest supermarket was Asda. We always said “do you have to be fat to work here??” as we never saw a normal sized staff member.


We got a Costco card back in 2013 just before I went to Hawaii for a month (#humblebrag) and everything I read said that it was well worth doing for the cheapest fuel on the island and groceries. We’re still members.

Our nearest branch is about 40 miles away (Southampton) and we maybe go to a Costco five times a year - but only if we’re passing (an example would be when we go to see the in-laws but we go to one near Birmingham then). The last Costco visit for me was coming back from supportin London Marathon this year. We parked in East Croydon and there’s one just down the road from there.

We do buy in bulk and have loads of toilet roll (probably a hundred+ rolls) and lots of big bottles of washing liquid, tissues, bin liners, all sorts of things up in our loft. During covid people could have come to us for toilet roll as we had so much. We had a plumber in once and he was up in the loft and said something along the lines of “f**k me that’s where all the loo rolls are.”

We certainly save our 27-ish quid membership fee with what we buy there. For regular shopping we’ve got all the main supermarkets close by (and they’re really close together) so MrsF goes between Sainsbury, M&S Food, Tesco, Asda, Aldi and Lidl depending on the offers on her phone apps and what we’re after.



We’re planning (not that there’s much planning involved) on having beans on toast for tea/dinner tonight :joy:


Right then, I’m on octopus energy and with the octopus app on my phone I get a free drink at Greggs each week. This is a good excuse to go for a three mile walk with a hot chocolate at half way.

This week however they’re giving away a drink at a pub as well. The only pub that’s not 15 miles away in the offer is a local, er, youngsters chavvy pub so I’m currently sat in the beer garden with my pint of Carling (I didn’t fancy strongbow - which was also part of the offer).

I’ve tried to fit in by wearing a hooded top and a baseball cap and I think it’s working. I’ve been asked for a lighter already.

On the next table are two young women (mid 20’s I guess). A lad comes along and says to one, “hello, when did you get your teeth done” to which I now know they were done 4 and a half years ago (apparently they look great but I cannot see) and they were about 3 grand. He also guessed Turkey was where they were done. Of course!

This is not my regular haunt that’s for sure. But my pint of pi$$y carling is quite refreshing.


Even Mrs FP said ‘yeah that 3 x one is pretty hot’ :smile:


That just makes me want some now!


They sell them in the new Asian food store in Altrincham :ok_hand:t4::white_check_mark:

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I’ll have to check out the one in Worcester.

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