Alcohol, your relationship with it

There’s often talk about fermented beverages on this forum. I’m interested in how people manage alcohol in their tri-focused lives. I guess some of fastest and most focussed people don’t drink alcohol at all. I have a lot of respect for that & often wish I didn’t drink.

Personally I probably drink (a little) too much and have done since growing up in the Channel Islands. With low tax and many people “of lesiure”, alcohol was a big part of social life in the Channel Islands, and still is from what I can see. So drinking often was normal for me. Straight to university in 90s, where the culture was of cheep beer in the student union. Then onto quite a stressful job where an alcoholic drink or two felt like a good way to unwind at the end of the day. So as an adult, it has always been a normal part of my life.

These days I will almost always have a beer after work. I like strong stuff 5%+ and quite like larger volumes, 440 or 500mls or maybe even 660mls. At the weekends I might have 2 in the evening. On the other hand, I want to be healthy and fit and know that alcohol isn’t helpful here. Strategies I have put in place to limit the damage: I don’t drink wine or spirits. I try not to crack open a 3rd beer too often, or at least visualise my pain the following morning before doing so.

At 7kcal / g I understand alcohol is far more calorie dense than sugar (4 kcal/g) and is closer to fat (9 kcal /g). I’m not really overweight but these are empty calories, could definitely be getting better nutrition elsewhere. And the dehydration- if I drink just a little too much, the next morning I really regret it.

It’s complex, but:

  1. Tri training gets thirsty
  2. I like the taste
  3. I can be a little socially shy & feel more relaxed after a beer
  4. When stressed I find it relaxing
  5. When relaxing I find it makes me more relaxed

Have stopped drinking alcohol for up to 1 month at a time over the years, but I enjoy it and tend to go back to it.

Anyone else?


I didn’t drink for years when I was training last time, then rediscovered it :see_no_evil:

It was in Barcelona 2017 when we realised we’d been drinking nearly every day. Since then it’s been pretty much five times per week.

I’ll have at least 4 * 330ml cans, just something I like, don’t really mind about the ABV.

It’s got worse over lockdown, sometimes going over a month without a day off.

Not drank for two days now, trying to get to June without a drop. That’ll be the longest since around 2013 for me.


i like it…

i am of an addicted nature…

Once upon a time, i could still race with a skin full…


Never got into it as a teen.
Couldn’t stand the taste.

All the stupid shit I’ve ever done in life has been stone cold sober


In recent years I’ve learnt to enjoy a couple or a few drinks. I’ll generally only drink a beer or two at the weekend, or share a bottle of red wine over a Saturday/Sunday with my wife.

Never really been a drinker of spirits. I think the game changed once I had kids and having to deal with parenting hungover isn’t pleasant. I can definitely count the number of times I’ve been drunk since 2017 now. 3!

Told myself I’m going to cut out all booze for a month leading up to Outlaw half

EDIT - Before yesterday’s ride I think I drank 4 beers and two glasses of wine. Also had a late night and an early wake up. We had been at a family bbq though. One of my ride buddies did make a comment on how much better I could be if I sorted out my eating/drinking habits. Pre ride and during :see_no_evil: Ride started at 6:45. I had eaten nothing, didn’t take a water bottle or any nutrition and did a fairly punchy 55 mile ride. All on a cup of tea. I did however raid the fridge back once home though


I’ve never been much of a beer drinker at all. Back in the day I used to drink a bit of bourbon (Maker’s Mark) but not excessively at all.

Then on NYE 1999, I was at a mate’s house in Sydney and we’d been there a decent amount of time and I realised I’d drank nearly 3/4 of a bottle of MM (with Coke) and didn’t feel remotely drunk and I wasn’t trying to get drunk.

So about 2am on 1/1/2000 I just decided to stop drinking, and I did. I’m not teetotal, I will have a full strength beer after a tough race but certainly not every race and I might have a lime mojito if we are away on holiday. I don’t think I had an alcoholic drink all last year (maybe a Corona after some DIY one time).

In a normal race year, I’d have about 4 beers I suppose. Mrs FP occasionally will have a glass of wine if we are out for a meal but at home we only have 0% beer.


That pretty much sums me up too. Same environmentals as a child, same thought processes as an adult. Only difference is that i’ve largely swapped beer for gin, and will usually have a couple of G&T’s on a sat night. On the (rare) occasions that I go to a pub, I tend to drink cider nowadays.

I did stop entirely for a year once when training hard, and don’t really remember missing it… but have slipped back.

I can be in inclined to binge a little when (fortunately infrequent) circumstances allow, which isn’t ideal.


as an ex rugby player, drinking was very much part of the game when I was growing up and playing - Saturday was all about battering fuck out of the opposition and then having a few beers with them after. moving on to drinking with team mates, grabbing a curry and waking up with a hangover on Sunday morning. so I’ve been a lifelong beer drinker, but also drink wine a lot - rarely a day goes by when I don’t have at least one beer.

pre game or race drinking was always in moderation though - with the odd game played while still pissed (usually on rugby tours).

I tend not to binge these days - just drink moderately but regulalrly


Really interesting thread, and I often wonder how some of you combine training with daily consumption.

My alcohol powers have considerably wained. Currently drink once-twice a month. Yesterday was one of those days: had 3 beers and now have a slight hangover.

Long gone are the 12 hour sessions at Uni.


Ah. Three beer hangover. The worst


Tee total from the age of about 18.

Drank as a mid teen but didn’t really get on with it then passed my driving test and was happy to be the designated driver and haven’t touch a drop since.

One of the best choices I have made.


I have to say that I have never understood why my performance hasn’t improved as my alcohol consumption has gone down.

My fastest IM was done whilst I was getting wrecked at least once a week, most of my good performances were done whilst drinking fairly reasonable amounts. For the past few years I hardly drink much.


Punchy ride

I’d still be in bed, Oh those were the days !
Well done anyway !

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Before my kids came along I used to drink a bit more, but for the last 23yrs I’ve realised that personally I can only manage 2 of the following 3

  1. Train

  2. Drink

  3. Be a reasonable parent

So I’ve pretty much dropped alcohol.

I still often allow myself a couple of drinks of a Friday evening & when out with friends - not done this since Christmas '19 - I enjoy getting fully, rotten, stocious :smile:


Generally only Fri & Sat evening and within the recommended 14 units/week.

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Like a psychopathic lover that I’m constantly trying to escape from. She’s hot, the sex is great, but life is way more stressful when she’s around…

I usually have to push the reset button every year, as I notice I’m drinking too much. Triathlon is usually good for this- I’ve tended to be abstinent over spring and summer until A race. Conversely, lockdown was very bad, as many folk have experienced. Funnily enough, in middle of another month abstinent right now, and training volumes winding back up again already…:slightly_smiling_face:


Similar to a few others, rugby player from a young age so play hard and drink beer. Then armed forces so again alcohol was a big part of fitting in. I have always exercised along with drinking ‘running off the hangover’.
When I met Mrs Hen and we had children which happened fairly quickly that needed to change, due to injury I stopped playing rugby, discovered triathlon which is deffo not a sociable sport, my alcohol consumption went down to virtually none. Didn’t stay that way though.
Now I probably do 1 or 2 bottles of red wine per week. 1 glass is no problem but never enough, 2 and I may be a little sluggish next morning (I think this makes me officially a lightweight). Any more and I will snore like Rip Van Winkle all night.
I would drink more red wine if I wasn’t training/married never touch beer or spirits. If she bins me then I would fear for my self control.
I think alcohol is a very dangerous drug


I didn’t start drinking until I was in my early 20’s, possibly 22/23 and have hardly ever drank at home, averaged less than 1 pint a year probably!

I did go out with the lads from football and mates on holidays etc in my 20’s and 30’s but when a lot of them got married and had kids that generally eased off as well. I have started going out with some of them again and the running club now and then.

If I’m going to a gig I’ll have a few pints as well if I’m not driving, but the GF doesn’t drink, but doesn’t go out very often either.

I did used to play football the morning after and have done the odd running\multi-sport race after a few pints.

I’m not too keen writing a day off afterwards so don’t really get that drunk these days. As much as binge drinking isn’t good for you I don’t get absolutely smashed or anything and I’m sure I can cope with the odd time a year.

But since lockdown #1 last year I think I’ve had about 7 pints of Guinness in total, and 1 of them was a 50th birthday pint :joy:

If when gigs start up again and I can go out with my mates I’ll drink a bit more but can’t really say I miss it much.


In and out… My family all drink a fair bit. My mum says I am the sum total of all the worst traits of personality in my family - procrastination, tunnel vision, addictive personality. So when I start… ha ha! Being the youngest sibling I’ve probably got away with more than I should have.

Similarly in our old studio, in my 20s before I ran again etc there was a culture of Thursdays - as a group - heading to the pub. We had some amazing parties too. We had a great collective spirit because we graduated together and then built our studios… I have a pal in the studio who drinks like a fish so going for a pint with him can be messy.

Everyone I know has some relationship with alcohol. I guess it’s atavistic - Since our forebears started eating fermented fruit off the forest floor

I wish I could kick it completely but it can be a good motivator for getting out the door too for a run. Push and pull… In moderation a glass of wine helps recovery. Try to stick within weekly guidelines. Easier said than done lol

Contrary to popular notions - art and alcohol don’t mix too well in the studio. Yes afterwards fine - there are the images of Freud, Bacon et al getting hammered at the Colony Rooms - have you seen the South Bank Show with Francis Bacon?.. but having a drink and trying to paint - particularly when working objectively will always end in disaster. There are a few exceptions - John Bellany perhaps but it didn’t do him much good in the end/ or his work.

Michael something … Beyrens?, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Michael Andrews hanging out - all heavy hitters lol


Love it!!! and would probably have a drink every day if I let myself.

I decided a few years ago that Friday, Saturday and Sunday were days to enjoy a drink; on the other days I abstain. So on those nights my wife and I head to the conservatory and have some crisps a drink (for me two bottles of beer) and we have a chat. It’s nice and I think that I enjoy the beer more because I haven’t had it for a few days.

The thing is I can’t have any beer in the house because if I did I would just drink it. Its stupid I know but I think that’s my personality. It would probably be the same if we had sweets, chocolate, cakes or anything like that in the house. I just can’t help myself. So every Friday I buy my six bottles of beer for the weekend, sometimes it might be a nice bottle of wine.

My mum was an alcoholic and after my parents divorced she turned to alcohol with vengeance and she she died pretty much at the same age as I am now. I can’t even begin to tell you what those last years were like. It did make me think about my relationship with drink but I suppose I came to the conclusion that I enjoy it both by myself (I have a beer as I’m typing this) with my wife and friends and I love it in the setting of a pub environment. A really good glass of champagne or a single malt whiskey is a joy that is unsurpassed. I see it all as a pleasure in the same way that you might enjoy a fine meal, so there is no reason to for me to stop.

So bottoms up all :slight_smile: