Aldi Bratwurst (proper hot dogs)

Sod C19, Nike, Rapha, toilet roll, hand sanitiser and all the other crap;


I’ve tried numerous different styles of replacement hot-dogs (Bockwurst, American, jarred, shrink wrapped etc) but none come close to these proper ones.

Do Lidl do a similar version? Or Morrison’s?

My butcher doesn’t have any, Booths don’t do them, Waitrose don’t either.
Sainsbury’s have none, Tesco is garbage and I caught something the last time I went to ASDA.

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You tried Weisswürst yet? A Bavarian staple; but tbh I rarely ate them as they were 120% fat. Must be eaten with sweet mustard…OBVS.

Ooh, no - where would I get them from?
Ooh, veal, delicious! I love veal.

A colleague mentioned some South African sausage from a “special” butchers in Northwich, though I’m not sure how “League of Gentleman” those may be ?

Boiled rather than fried though.

Tried these in Berlin a couple of years ago.

Taste way better than they look!

Was served in a large pot with some sort of broth which I presumed they had been boiled in.

Lovely with a spicy mustard as you say :ok_hand:t2:

I had them with sauerkraut and bread; it was Bayern. In Bavaria, the mustard is always sweet, something like Handelmaier’s. There is something known as the Weißwurstäquator (white sausage equator) in Germany.



You all be making me mad hungry.

lidl do the same yes, and they’re normally in stock

gross things though.

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Had them in Bavaria a couple of years back. Won’t be having again.

Gavin Conway? He does a great wors (sausage)!! He’s at the knutsford makers market, stop in and give it a try. He does the sausage in burger patty too, you might want to try that first just cos you’re a Brit :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wors is delicious but aldi bratwurst is yummy and remarkably low in fat and other rubbish.

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We will give him a try :+1:t3:
Cheers - market was two weeks ago, we usually go and get trampled :see_no_evil:

The new Hungarian guy there doing chimney cakes is AMAZING!