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I went through 3 good brands of TV in about 4/5 years after moving into our house (they always seemed to get just out of warranty). I then bought a Bush from the local supermarket as didn’t want to buy another more expensive one and still have it, must be 15 years now. I’ve got BT TV so get all the catch-up etc through that box.

Back onto Turbo’s - I’m seriously considering a direct drive dumb trainer next. There aren’t many options but a 2nd hand Elite Muin wouldn’t cost much as an experiment if I regretted it. I really don’t think I’m using enough of the “smart” benefits to justify another one.

I’ve got a Kurt Kinetic smart trainer. It’s a wheel on and it uses a speed sensor so no feedback / erg mode etc. Had it over 3 years now and very rugged, easy to use and set up. I dabbled with Zwift but I’m a Trainerroad user in the main, and it’s perfect for that. I’ve just got an old wheel with a turbo tyre on so it’s dead easy to set my tt bike up on it. Just a possible alternative to what you describe although similar benefits.

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Does it come with a food mixer, 'cos chicks dig those :wink:

Thanks, yes they get very good reviews for road feel, indestructible and you’ve got the rock and roll option too. My current Bkool is a wheel on trainer so I already have the spare wheel etc. if I go down that route.
ETA - having looked at the rock n roll ones I don’t think I’d have room for one. See Pain Cave thread for more info. :grin:

I’ve got a Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer that is 10+ years old. Not used it in 6 years though :joy:


Just been having a bit of a browse and this popped up on Amazon, looks a bit of a bargain at first glance. (£250+ everywhere else)
Differences between 1st & 2nd gen models seem to be just minor changes to legs, adjuster knobs etc. In-ride sensor is BT only but I’ll be using my P2M so nor a problem.

That’s exactly what I’ve got. I’ve got an ipad which picks up the BT. I could use my pedals but the inride is easier to calibrate once the tyre’s warmed up. That seems a bit of a bargain. I’d say if you were going to Zwift, it’s not the right bit of kit, although it does work, but for just following a power profile on a graph, it’s perfect.

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I love that the moaners think getting fit is sexist, and make it a weight loss issue even though no weight loss is in the ad.

My Tacx Boost is about three years old and broke, so my turbo trainer is two days old:

I picked up a mint 2nd hand Kinetic Road Machine - to replace my 8yr old Cyclops Fluid - in the summer & put a Kinetic inRide V3 on it for a total of £100.

I’ve been using it twice a week in the full knowledge that it may not be reading “true” power, but as long as it was repeatable I was/am happy training on it.

Yesterday I received - as my Christmas present - Favero Assioma Uno Single-Sided PM Pedals.

Before the box was wrapped up I persuaded my wife that I should test that it was working so I took it into my Cold War/Trainspotting turbo toilet for testing.

Using the Favero as my standard the InRide system was always reading 20W more ie Favero 250W/InRide270W.

Obviously my delicate ego is still coming to terms with the fact that my FTP has disappointingly just dropped by 20W.


When I researched turbos before buying the KK unit, DCR’s review showed it was pretty accurate as long as you calibrated it effectively. I always use his protocol which is to calibrate at the start then again after 10minutes before getting stuck into the main part of a session. I’d like to think my ftp’s fairly accurate and it was within a few watts of a 25tt I did a couple of months ago, so I’m in the ball park.

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Would it be a different story if it was a Tacx Neo Smart Bike…?

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I had carried out a cal 5 or 10 mins into my session & I’ll certainly play around with it again in the future, but that’ll have to be after Christmas now :christmas_tree: :smiley:

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Dunno about her, but I don’t think that would cheer my wife up any more than a Peleton bike.

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I’ll be using the power meter on my bike so the readings from the turbo don’t really matter. I don’t even want the smart version to be honest but it’s cheaper than any of the others. I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on the Road Machine although I’d like to try direct drive, 2nd hand Muins seem to go for a similar price, or a bit more.

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Oh well, triggered pulled, only time will tell if I miss the smart control but as I don’t subscribe to any fancy apps (and haven’t done for a couple of years) I don’t see that in the short term.
All this talk of £150 trainers in another thread has put a £150 turbo (that I’ll hopefully get 5 years+ out of) into a bit of perspective.
Ps. This must confirm my luddite status once and for all, smart trainer back to dumb, wheel on trainer, no disc brakes, threaded bottom bracket, spd’s, the list goes on :rofl:
ETA - Oh yeah, external cable routing, metal bike frames…


The fecker worked perfectly tonight, clearly took offence at being called dumb. Made some funny noises afterwards though so sure it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. Funnily enough I have been setting it up recently, but am struggling to find my front wheel riser block. I had two, sold one, the other is in the attic somewhere. Now there is a job I am not looking forward to, but Xmas decoration becton.

Its like M&S sizing… Some smart trainers flatter and make you feel good about yourself. It was certainly the case with my Tacx Bushido Smart, I recon 10% over. On that my first ever ftp test was 279, when I got a Stages, I was sure the Stages was wrong, when I got a second Stages, I was sure that there was an error in the design, when I got a Quarq, I finally accepted that the Bushido was reading high.

Now I use my Assioma pedals on the Turbo Trainer to record power.