Am I supposed to be voting today, or tomorrow?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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If so, who should I vote for?

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Make sure you cast two votes, just to make sure.


you should have already voted if you have a postal vote

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unless you choose to hand deliver your postal vote.

Can we add “yesterday” to the poll, as I can’t answer either of those options yet 'cos you should be voting tomorrow, but to say that would require me to vote today in the poll. If you say yesterday, then it all works and I can answer the poll on friday.

My head hurts :exploding_head:


Are any of the candidates going to;

  1. Enforce drafting rules
  2. Monitor the swim leg with drones and maintain video evidence
  3. Make me faster?
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All I know is;

If the Scots want freedom, let ‘em.

We’ll see how they afford free prescriptions and uni fees without English subsidies.


Ah, I found something on the beeb:

  1. In England, 143 local councils are up for election
  2. And 39 Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales and 13 directly elected mayors in England will also be elected

All the other points are irrelevant. And the English councils actually.

So it’s just the London Mayor and a bunch of noise.

“ Burning Pink’s candidate describes herself as a mother, grandmother and vigilante.”


And two people described as “A Youtuber”

I’ll vote to fuck off the PCCs. Waste of bloody space and money they are.


Big deal in our neck of the woods.

Affluent area, talk of 500 new houses a couple of miles away.

Oh, and it’s important to stick two fingers up to the core Brexit contingent. :grinning::grinning::grinning: