So, just back from the GP.

Have been getting chest pain occasionally when running or cycling over the last 2 months. Nothing major but enough to worry me.

Another couple of things on top of that made me book an appointment.

GP thinks I may have an angina. She’s referred me to the Rapid Access Chest Clinic for a treadmill test among other things. This should be fairly soon.

Meantime I’ve got to take a daily aspirin and I’ve to carry a GTN spray, just in case.

I really wasn’t expecting this.


:astonished: I can totally understand your surprise. Let’s hope they can get to the cause of this.


yep - these things have a nasty habit of sneaking up on you. much like when I had my minor stroke in 2017 but that was partly my fault as I’d been ignoring some signs of atrial fibrillation which caused it.

at least you realised something wasn’t right.

fingers crossed it’s not an issue and if it is, it’s highly manageable

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Can imagine that’s a big shock, hopefully it’s nothing serious.

My father had it for as long as I remember, the cold was quite a big trigger but he did have other heart problems.


Today has been a bit of a downer. Aspirin and additional blood pressure tablet made me feel a bit off.

Went to the shops with the wife at lunchtime and felt odd. No major chest pain, more of a niggle accompanied by a pain between the shoulder blades and tingling in the left arm.

Forgot to to take the spray with me but took it as soon as I got home. Felt better within 5 minutes but have had a pounding headache since.

Not sure if it was just anxiety or if it really is angina. Hopefully the stress test will make things clearer.


I’ve not updated this for a while.

I’ve done a couple of outdoor runs and a couple of indoor sessions on the turbo in the last 2 weeks. Trying to keep heart rate down on the run is tough and the issue starts when it goes above 140bpm. Not used the spray again, just backed off.

Much easier to control on the bike so only had one small issue. Again no spray used.

I’ve agreed with the wife that I won’t do any running or cycling outdoors until I’ve been to the Chest Clinic. Treadmill and turbo only and pretty much all zone 1.

Rapid Access Chest Clinic has a 13 week wait, so that’s pretty much the whole summer waiting and worrying.


Not the most rapid access then, is it?

Looks like a summer of base training for you. Great to be able to do something & important to keep it in your routine.

Keep us updated.


I’ll just be happy to be able to do something.

Trying to stay really positive and hope it’s just a blip.