Another new Ironman in Finland

Considering this as a Kona Plan “B”

I was literally just watching that video. Looks nice. I assume the footage they had is from a 70.3 in the same place?

Looks good. Reading tri247 it seems they’ve bought an independent race. @Jorgan will love it as some of the run is around the lake. Will have to chek what travel likes to get there.

A. it will probably be well fookin’ expensive as it’s Scandinavia
B. will there be clouds of flesh eating insects in Finland that time of year by lakes?
C. Matt will just whack out another gold bar from his cellar :sweat_smile:

Caveat - my only experience of Scandinavia is Arctic Norway in winter on exercise. Norway is exorbitant.

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We’ll be giving @Matthew_Spooner a complex!


My mate did some kind of similar exercise. Claimed he’d never moan about being cold again, altho he did seem to enjoy it

  1. It is not wood in my cellar floor, just tarnished gold bars
  2. Finland is probably cheap compared with Switzerland
  3. I am not sure what my wife and kids would think about a summer holiday in the middle of nowhere in Finland… so probably put that idea on hold, and hope I smash Lanza (I am already on a yellow card following the number of competitions I did last summer)
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