Any AV experts?

My wife complains the TV is too loud. I want to get some surround headphones but the main AV amp has no headphone socket. I have a Sony BDV 280e bluray and surround system that the amazon fire stick is plugged into via HDMI. The signal to the TV also goes via HDMI.

I think I need something that can take a HDMI input, output surround sound and send the signal to the TV for picture.

I am having trouble finding that. I saw a Sony unit that seemed to do it. But it was 300 quid and dont want to spend that if it’s not going to work.

Any ideas?

What about some wireless headphones?

Depending on what you have on your blu ray or AV amp you could then use an optical out from those devices to connect to the headphones?

Cheaper to buy the wife some headphones…

A quick glance at the manual shows you don’t have a simple option

Your Blu Ray player is acting as an AV amp.

You can get a new AV amp/receiver with a headphone option, that will mean that your Blu Ray player just plays discs and then the new amp/receiver would handle the audio/video signals coming in, then route that to the TV.

You might have to cut the end of the speaker cables you have if the new one doesn’t have those connectors

Do you specifically want surround headphones, the kind that mimic 5.1 or would wireless headphones be acceptable?

Loads of the HDMI splitters have audio extraction including optical for 5.1 output e.g.

No idea on which might be best for you use though.

I thought about one of those.

@iwaters I assume you have the volume on the TV set to zero and then use the BluRay amp for the volume?

What happens if you turn the volume up on the TV itself?
Do you get sound?

Once the amp fires up the TV sound is replaced. The menu changes so when you turn the volume up it says "Home Cinema Volume ". Without the amp on it it’s just a yellow bar.

Thanks. Looks like that could work and worth a punt at 15 notes.

Increase the resistance on your turbo and drown it out with white noise.

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I’m not sure the splitter will work if the HDMI output isn’t carrying any audio due to the amp overriding, hence the question about the TV volume.

I might be wrong though

I think there is a setting to change the output but not sure.

I think it would be pretty unlikely not to, 2secs with the manual says you can certainly get the audio however it may not do 5.1, as speaker+hdmi says it’s 2 channel, so it depends on the format when in HDMI only - how much that really matters with your headphones I don’t know, maybe it’s does a binaural downmix anyway…

x [Audio Output]
You can select the output method where the
audio signal is output.
[Speaker]: Outputs multi-channel sound from
the system’s speakers only.
[Speaker + HDMI]: Outputs multi-channel
sound from the system’s speakers and 2-channel
linear PCM signals from the HDMI (OUT) jack.
[HDMI]: Outputs sound from the HDMI (OUT)
jack only. Sound format depends on the
connected component

Thanks all, going to try the HDMI splitter and see if that works. It has a head phone out which is only 2 channel, seems surround sound headphones are not as easy to get hold of. I will try with some basic headphones and if that works get some decent wireless noise cancelling jobbies