Apple to Samsung

Better as in making credit card fraud easier, sure :+1:

It’s just a card aggregator.
You get it and add all of your debit/credit cards to it.
Then just spend on the Curve Card, which debits your default card, but you can then use the App to make sure the funds come out of the right account.

Great for splitting “pots” of money, in a similar way to Monzo and Starling, but instead of theoretical “pots”, you’ve got actual separate accounts for each spend (household, personal and business, for example)

If you travel abroad often, the £15pcm Metal card offers unlimited FX and travel insurance, plus £800 gadget insurance (much like a packaged bank account)

One thing to note is that cash withdrawals are limited on the basic account…but I’ve taken £20 out in cash in the last four weeks, so that’s not really an issue.

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Take back what I said, the Samsung is going back and I’ve got an iPhone Max Pro coming instead

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ive not made a choice yet, tempted to wait for 12 months for the 5G iphone.

4 days into my Samsung Switch. My Iphone 7 battery finally packed up, would hold charge for about 2 hours. Got a new Samsung S10 plus for less than £500 - it was only launched in April and cost bet part of £1000 then.

Battery lasts 2 days easily with load of use. Very impressed
In general Android apps seem nicer than Apple Apps… and discourse hub app is much better on android as it has a back button

Not transfered my music yet, but so far so good

But you won’t appear cool without an Apple :sweat_smile:

I haven’t worried about appearing cool for a long time

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There’s a back button on the iPhone app, but the colours of the site hide it

I dunno, that run vest is pretty snazzy.

And to the beer bellied British Tourist on the Costa Del Sol, the hight of fashion

Random update, went for the iPhone pro max in the end after Hassling EE for a deal.

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