April Fools 2024

Swiss government even in on the act

"In a move that will split the country, it was revealed yesterday in 2 Swiss Sunday papers that the Swiss government are now proposing to increase the vehicle tax to include all bicycles owned by over 16 year olds in the country.

The move that would certainly anger a large element of the population, is being proposed to help fund the increasing state pension deficit , which will increase further with the introduction of a 13th annual payment.-other suggestions were publicly announced last week by the government but this one was not included in the press release.

This has been mentioned previously by the SVP, but the media reports this proposal now has now increased support as a funding vehicle for state pension deficits.

Each canton sets its own vehicle tax , and it was reported over 16 year old cyclists will have to pay 75% of the full cantonal vehicle tax rate from 2025 onwards with heavy fines for non-compliance.

Such is the concern for the pension deficit and the immediacy of the need for the funds, it was reported this change will be fast tracked through the various layers of government within 6 months and without a referendum showing how critical and important this policy change is seen centrally.

There was a stern ’ No Comment’ from government sources when approached by the media , so we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Bus companies and car driving organisations welcomed the change, saying cyclists should also pay for the privilege of using Swiss roads and far too often holding up other traffic on windy routes where overtaking is not possible and cyclists refuse to pull onto the side of the road.

1 million bicycles were reported to have been purchased last year here, so this is a potential huge income generator for the Cantons."



Paging that knob from slowtwitch :joy:


I was thinking how easy it’d be to “hide” one of the hub motors inside a disc wheel, with the battery stowed into some custom 3D printed downtube storage box.



This popped up in my feed today.

Britain trialling Harrier jets on carriers Britain trialling Harrier jets on carriers


Ha - April 1st

There’s a Sparks fan page on FB called ‘Sparks - Indiscreet’ (after one of their 70s albums).

As an April fool, the admin changed the name to ‘Wombles - Womblescreet’ and hit it with a lot of mildly entertaining fluff such as:

Links to Wombles songs, mixing up Sparks/Wombles song titles, that kind of thing.

3 days later it has become apparent that FB only allow you to change the name of a group once a month. Half the people posting are having a bit of fun with it but lots of others are really quite grumpy.
It’s providing me with some entertainment at any rate.