Archive TT1.0

I have been playing about with a static version I created of TT1.0. and have uploaded it to an S3 bucket. is pointing at it now whilst the locked dynamic version is over on temporarily.
3 main reasons to go static, cost is a couple of quid a month rather than £25, the archive isn’t very functional with broken links etc and 3 it’s only a matter of time before the database support is pulled and it just stops working

So let me know if there are any glaring problems. Its not ideal but we are limited with options and it at least looks like it might workable.

Sometimes the routing gets a bit screwed and you get 404s so just go back to homepage and start again.

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I went to send money to the TT paypal account last week, but wasn’t sure I had the right account - could you PM me the details including the @ bits, thanks :blush:

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Put it on here so others can have a go :wink: It is admin at tritalk dot co dot uk

Done. Let me know if it’s arrived!

I really must get a UK GBP papypal account, as I had to pay a small fee to send that, and if I ever want to remove money to my bank account I get charged twice :roll_eyes: (set it up when I lived in DE)

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Is there another option other than paypal?

cheers job done

Not really, paypal easiest as the hosting fees come from there

Ok no worries I had some issues with my paypal account but will have another look.

You didn’t click on the link they emailed you? :crazy_face:



Haha no :smiley:

i’ve chucked a little something in

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you’re a gent.

Is that like when Sir Richard of Branson says ‘a little something’ ? :sweat_smile:

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Errr yeah. sort of.

I sent Hammerer a few tins of that vile Virgin cola they used to make and one of those fuzzy little monsters with the googly eyes and ribbon tails that they give out at trade stands and the like with Branson’s face on.

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Sounds like monthly running costs should go down considerably with @Hammerer’s changes to the archived site?

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yep be looking at £10 a month for this site, until i need a bigger DB and hopefully only a couple of quid for the archive depending on views and data transfer AWS also give some data for free hence using S3. TT1.0 is currently around $30-$35 per month so about £25. Cut that and we are good. Had to renew the domains once but they aren’t much either, oh and the email address although the mailjet to handle outgoing transmissions from this site is still in the free tier comfortably.

Since August 2018 we made £75 on the affiliate links, but i did get nearly £35 from one hotel booking from a click on a link on an old IMUK thread on TT1.0. God only know was looking at a 5 year old thread on an archive site and clicked on a travelodge link :wink: Someone also used a nike link to buy some ‘*%’ so was a good few quid! With Paul L and Matt’s very generous donations earlier in the year and the $100 Gareth left on the account we have survived OK so far and I’ve only had to cover about 4 months worth but in bits and bobs in the last year!!! so yer down to about £15pm all in rather than £40ish so easily manageable with affiliates (especially if you all remember to use them) and the odd donation.


I put the monster on a dart board and sold throws . made a few quid when i stuck a Bojo face over it as well

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I think it’s been explained before but can’t find it, how do I search the archive again?