Bicycle documentary

English cyclist goes through the history of the bicycle, builds his perfect bike visiting all the factories where the components are made.


Finally got around to watching this! Enjoyed it. It raises the question, if you had £5k to spend on a bike, what would you buy?!

Judging from my time on Dartmoor and the Plym Valley this weekend - an electric MTB!


I think Danny Macaskill has been riding the new Santa Cruz one. And he seems to be enjoying himself (or at least being paid to look like he’s enjoying himself).

A MTB of any description would be good for me! Never had one as an “adult” but can definitely see the attraction…

Finally got round to this & enjoyed it (although spent 10 mins looking for it on the what ya watching thread). Liked Rob from when he did the Amazon ride with Flintoff, seems like a proper nice genuine bloke.