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I hadn’t realised Darren had sold Pedal Cover?

nor me. nice guy - spoke to him and his wife a few times, and met him at a tri once

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Yeah totally. Met him a LCW a couple of years running. He was very passionate about cycling and tri and employed local riders.

TBH, if he’s not involved I’m less likely to renew. It’s just a name now.

according to Companies House, Darren resigned as a Director of KINGSWOOD INSURANCE BROKERS LTD who own the PedalCover brand in July 2020. Current Directors are Ryan and Grant Georgiades who are also sole Directors of…

Yellow Jersey

the other big bike insurer. quelle surprise!


Spoken to Barclays about my renewal, good thing I did because there were some updates required.

Clarified the bike value with them. The max value I can insure on my policy is £3,500 but they have a new product which will cover bikes up to £5,000. A bit annoying but I will change when I move house.

I had Barclays for a number of years up until last may when their renewal was nearly double, with no claims, and they said garage was a max of 5k regardless of the extra cover of bikes in them. Pedal cover were cheaper and far better for “new” bikes, but ill look around again this year.

Just rang Barclays for a quote. Really good cover on the house, contents, accidental etc, much better than PC and less money.

However, despite being able to insure the bikes for up to £4500. Theft from garage only pays out £3k max, for everything. (fire/flood covers everything).

I think that’s a showstopper, not sure yet.


OK, did a quote online with Aviva and confirmed by phone. They’re looking like frontrunners at the moment. Unlimited home and contents, guitar and watch named separately, bikes covered worldwide and they will pay for the full value of any bikes stolen from the garage.

Policy is about £100 less than Barclays and £180 less than PC! Need to check details but looking good.


sounds interesting!

Very interesting. Thanks for updating.

Just to round this out, I went ahead this morning with Aviva. Summary:

unlimited contents and building.

All bikes covered ( max single bike value £4500) inside garage and outside if locked to an immovable object. Also covered for accidental damage whilst competing.

Guitars watches all specified. £2k worth of ‘gadgets’ covered outside of the house.

Accidental damage covered with an excess of £200.

Legal cover and NCB protection.

All for £329! Very worthwhile shopping around and getting this cover IMO.


I’m just about to confirm mine with Aviva as well. Less than half the price of PC/YJ have quoted to make it worse PC keep calling me to remind me of the renewal.

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Very interesting thanks for the update.

out of interest does the outside the house bike cover include cover for bikes in locked vehicles? They arn’t immovable objects per se and can be broken into for bikes to be stolen, or driven away! Do they also specify type of lock needed if using??

I never lock my bikes in the vehicle, so didn’t ask but they are definitely covered if locked to my Thule rack on the roof. No special locks specified.

worth asking Aviva when I ask them for a quote later this year

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Interesting. Will check them out come renewal time next year. Do you know if the bike cover include the nuances of things like unlocked in a secure transition area? What about damage through travel (ie in a bike box on a plane)?

No probs if you’re unclear as not relevant to you, just thought I’d ask in case the policy wording mentioned these things.

I’ll find out for you when I call in the morning


It’s somewhat relevant to me but TBH, they are so far ahead of the others in what they offer, fo me, a bike stolen from transition is low down on the list for me.

Give them a ring and ask. I checked about competition, crash and accidental damage through crashing and they said all is covered but check the PD if they send you a quote and satisfy yourself first.

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