Bike Maintenance for Beginners

I had that on one of my Bianchi bikes. Done right, it’s great, done cheaply, it rattles like fuck. there is a fix but it’s a PITA.

There is large clamp holding brake hose and both gear cable outers in the downtube (which you have access to for storage) so no issues with rattling.

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Thanks, ordered a couple DA cable inners and a length of tube. Found the inners online cheap ish at a £10 each.

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Pretty pleased with this. Changed a tubeless tyre without much swearing or mess. No special pump, just dumped loads of air in with the valve core out and it all popped into place.


Silca calculator suggest 68-70 psi on 30mm tubeless, does that sound right or can I go lower?

Depends on lots of things according to SRAM, but sounds high to me.

Rider weight
Road/Off road
Wheel type/width
Tyre construction

That one came out with 65/68 in the dry and 59/62 in the wet. I’m not that accurate, so will maybe try 65 front and back.

Bike passed its crankset inspection today, not sure if I am happy about that or not.

A new one for free might have been better.


I’m guessing if they develop problems afterwards they are still covered?

Although I wouldn’t expect a lifetime warranty on something like this. But they should last at least 10 years.

In the right ballpark, but maybe a fraction high, I would run them at 65

Just changed my bar tape because it was well manky

unfortunately think may have wound one the wrong way, because both sides are spiralling in the same direction, but can’t figure out which is wrong .

I guess if I just wait for the wrong side to unravel, and then try again??

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I’d love to be able to help you but I can’t see past that insulation tape :slightly_smiling_face:


Left side is wound the wrong way I think

This is my go to guide for bar tape


I agree with Robh, left is wrong I think.
I think of it like a motorbike throttle. When you’re straining on a climb you’re going to twist your hands back towards you at the top, you want that to tighten the tape not try and undo it.


thankyou :pray:

it’s bugging me enough that I think I’ll get some new bar tape and try again

erm, just rewrap it? Please don’t tell me you bought sticky bartape, that stuff should not be sold!


Lizard 2.5 was always my go to.

it is Decathlon gel bar tape, has a thin adhesive strip on the back. I kind of feel that if I take it off and reapply it may not stick properly??

Bar tape should not stick at all, there’s no reason for it, sticking bar tape is evil - it probably exists so people who wind it the wrong way don’t complain.

Although I think the one you’re talking about is fine, as it doesn’t actually stick to anything, so is basically just non-stick stuff. It’s the stuff that actually sticks and you can’t remove without getting solvents out.


The old tape has an adhesive strip and that was factory fitted- how would it stay in place otherwise? Just the bar plugs and the tape near the stem?

I don’t know much about this!