Bill Bailey

Bloody marvellous


MANNNNNYYY !! :sunglasses::crown:


Is this dancing related?

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Weirdly mini GB wanted to watch it, so we turned over (Lion King was too scary for her) . I hate that program! :joy:

My thinking was a lot more morbid when I saw the title, bit relieved!


It was ace. We were happy! :grin:

Bill is a brill

loved his uptown funk

Saw him live in Watford a couple of years ago and it was great. Black Books is quality too :ok_hand:

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Yes. We saw him at the Hammersmith Apollo quite a few years ago. An amazing set.

Was at the time he was doing the bbc news theme on the keyboard

He did Downton Abbey Spoons. Can’t remember if I saw the BBC one at the live set.

his tribute to Kraftwerk is top drawer…

What show was on?

He played a gig when I was at uni as a duo. I think they were called The Rubber Bishops? Very funny. He looked 55 back in ‘93.

Seen him live 3 times, my favourite live comic.
Have loved watching him dance. Sadly though, my son asked to listen to Sandman this week - Bill will definitely be on the naughty step if he turns into a metal head