Blood Pressure and other health


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Had a 24hr ambulatory bp monitor fitted this morning


This thing is going to crush my arm entirely at some point. I had to turn it off when I hear the marrow splitting.


If they tell you you are not dying then they are 100% lying to you.


FYI 24hr Ambulatory bp monitors don’t work when running, at least it didn’t for me and it fucks up your form as it strangles your arm.

Sleeping wasn’t so bad, a minor disturbance.


No readout yet, but think I saw an all time low 120/83 at 06:00 so at least there’s times in the day I’m ‘normal’.

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Got my readout, basically I have mental blood pressure. The averages don’t look too bad…but they aren’t listing standard deviation. I think acceptable variation is 10 or 20.

One minute I’m normal, the next corpse material. Asleep is the only time it’s relatively consistent.

Max systolic 195, min 95.
Max diastolic 123, min 57.

So the craziness I was seeing on home monitoring and at the surgery hasn’t been washed away, it’s been confirmed as real. IMO.

Doc is away this week so have to wait until next for the interpretation and next steps. Hopefully get my blood results. I expect cholesterol to be high. None of this can be a good sign. Ah well.


That’s pretty erratic to go from one extreme to almost borderline low BP?

When you are asleep and it’s a bit more consistent what it is?

What impact does the CNS have on BP? e.g. under stress


You did exercise whilst wearing it though, I assume you’ve got the actual trace and the high readings weren’t whilst you were exercising?

It errored during running, so valid readings are from before and after.

They told me to wear it running, seems like it was bad advice.

It errored a few time in non exercise times too, altogether 38 valid readings seems ok.

They don’t return the whole data set only summaries.

Between 23:00 and 09:00 it averaged 122/78.

Interestingly a High BP diagnosis is only concerned with daytime blood pressure. 153/96 avg for me.

I was reading today on the BHF site that stress doesn’t directly affect BP, but the bad behaviours it engenders does. :man_shrugging:t2:


Well I can only talk about myself Joex. But my BP peaked at 190/110. It came down to (as a morbidly obese man nowadays) 100/70?, at GPs and 140/72 at hospital.

In terms of medicine, 5mg of Ramipril, reduced to 2.5mg.

The only change is that I mentally disconnected myself from family stress.

Cholesterol etc never been a problem.

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Stress wont create high BP over the long term but it definitely can on an acute basis. Flight or fight will restrict blood vessels and increase BP.

It should pass, but if you are under constant stress you can be constantly triggering a response that spikes BP. This was contributing to mine, although there were other factors that probably caused a bigger impact.

Breathing and other exercises that stimualte the vagus nerve can help engage the parasympathetic nervous system which calms things down.

Like Sloggers some Ramipril brought me down to normal.


Maybe. It’s not exactly a quiet life, but I find ways to enjoy it.

How long before the Ramipiril had had a noticeable effect?

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Couple to 3 weeks. I did also give up drinking which at the time I was drinking enough for the GP to give me leaflets about the AA.

I was 170/110 down to 138/88 after about 3 weeks, and 120/78 a couple more after that.

I know when im anxious or stressed my BP will be higher. Im almost as intune with that as my HR. Knowing how I feelcm I can predict my BP and RHR


I have learnt something here, thank you.

had an echocardiogram done this morning at hospital in Abergavenny.

have to wait a while for the scan to be analyzed and reviewed by a cardiologist and then go from there - maybe nothing that needs further investigating or get to see the cardiologist to discuss any future plans to treat my AF.