Body MOT/ check up

Has anyone done one of these body MOT things. Either with NHS or private?

Through my Axa I can get a 25% discount eith circle health but the basic ones are crap. BMI, BP check snd thats about it. I can do all that myself at home.

I have done the at home blood tests with Forth testing cholesterol etc.

I guess my biggest concern is Ive been over weight for a while and my blood pressure has been high for a while. Whilst I am dealing with those things, my BP is back down into the elevated zone and not “high” anymore and weight is coming down slowly. Concern is has this done any damage. Should I have an ECG?

I dont like to bug the NHS when there is nothing wrong and trying to get anything out of my local GP is impossible, but I also dont want to pay 200 notes for someone to tell me i need to lose weight and nothing useful.

I just got my M45 one a few years ago, which didn’t really have much more than what you’ve mentioned. Cholesterol was really low and she just said eat more oily fish!

For other reasons I had an ECG which they said was fine.

My doctor always said that everytime I go out training I’m basically doing a kind of health check, but plenty of people still keel over whilst exercising, even pro sportspeople.

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I haven’t had one recently because of Covid, but work used to send me for a full medical every 2 years. It was the full works with the doctor, including bloods, urine and poo and then an exercise ECG.

I’m never sick and hate going to the doctor, so I wouldn’t have done it by choice, but some of my colleagues love all of that stuff.

I’ve never had any problems show up and they’re used to dealing with fat, out of shape executives who drink and smoke too much, so I think I was probably a breeze for them, apart from the length of time that the ecg ramp test took on the bike.


Yeah I might ask about it at work. Im insured as a key person so im surprised the insurers dont want a run down of their risk.

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This is my concern. My training at the minute is almost exclusively lifting heavy things on my own in my garage. If I have a heart attack it would be hours before Im found. I know you cant predict if those things happen but would be good to know if there is an increased risk.


I’ve had 2 or 3 of the std NHS ones as they call me in for them. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m over 50 or 55? I don’t thinks it’s yearly, so maybe over 50.
Pretty standard stuff, a few tests, some bloods, a lung capacity test and loads of back and forth about lifestyle.
I get the impression I’m a shit ton healthier than the nurse that usually does it but its interesting to see the blood results and stuff.


We use Blossoms Inn medical centre, about 5 minutes walk from your office.

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I’m fortunate enough to have private health care through work and as such can get the full works every 2 years.
The Blood test is more in-depth than your usual cholesterol ratio with tests for cancer proteins and various white blood cell stuff I won’t pretend to understand, alongside the usual health markers. ECG as well as bone density and body composition ( fat / muscle ) giving a metabolic rate for your body which was interesting.
Would I pay £200 for it? If you knew in advance that something would be red flagged then £200 is a bargain right? I guess that’s the crux of the matter.


I have to have a once yearly going over at work, but to be honest it’s nothing more than a nurse having a look at you, probably covers them in some way for insurance.

But I would like to get some blood markers tested; I switched to low carb/Keto eating a few months ago and I would like some assurance that it hasn’t sent my triglycerides crazy.

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I get a Nuffield 360 (not the 360+) Health Assessment every 2 years (and every year from 50) via work. Had my first one last year having changed my contract which added this benefit.

I was surprised how comprehensive it seemed to be. For me one of the biggest benefits is that I almost never go to the doctor as nothing is quite serious enough, but I guess had a number of really small concerns that were mounting up (e.g. bowel & prostate cancer in the family), so it gave me the opportunity to discuss those and put my mind at rest.

According to the website it’s valued at £629, I’m not sure I’d pay that though.


Also get the Nuffield one - I think we’ll worth it for the same reasons

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Ive checked the documents for my private health care. They dont make much sense. One page on our intranet say we get up to £275 a year for a check up at Nuffield Health, all of which cost more than £275 quid.

On the Axa site it says a 25% discount, which still makes the 360 check £475

Our is done by Bluecrest health. Under £200 including all the blood work. That’s the full price so I assume it’s available to anyone.

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