Boris Johnson - 40% tax at £80k?

Difficult one this.
One the one hand, a comedy character would be the resident of Number 10 (some would say not much change there)
But on the other one, is the promise of a nice little sweetener for middle earners.

Boris’s way of getting the better off Wankers aka Tories to back his PM campaign. He’s a cunt

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Purely a guess, but would have thought a lot of Brexit Party voters they might want to entice aren’t high tax bracket. Bigger question, is how to plug that hole in the public finances.

Is thread you trying to get a heated political debate featuring you-know-who?

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There’s no way any conservative leader can give a shit about what voters might want - they absolutely have to avoid a general election at all costs. Any statement is for coverage they think will go down well with Tory members.

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he will aim to get the brexit vote through promising to deliver brexit…he then has to promise something to the remoaners…

Considering the current threshold basically means most of London is higher bracket it’s positive but you have to ask what cuts will be made to fund it and where will they tax instead

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I joined the conservative party last summer for one purpose and one purpose only. To vote against Boris

It seems my student son and his lefty mates did the same. I suspect it is a lost cause, but at least we would have tried.

For what its worth I am a slightly right of centre remainer. A Ken Clarke / John Major kind of Tory.

Unfortunately both labour and The tories have been left with the core extremists as their members as middle of the road people have become less engaged. This has resulted in both parties becoming very unattractive and left the door open for even bigger wan&ers.

Have a listen to this years Reith lecture. The second one picks up this point.

@jibberjim is right here. Dominic Raab said it himself yesterday.

These are not insignificant sums of money…more money to spend, boosting economy, increasing tax revenue elsewhere?

Napkin maths;
£62k = £200pcm
£74k = £400pcm
£80k = £500pcm

Snap. I stopped voting Tory after 2010 though.

The cynicism with which he is going after the blue rinse tory membership vote is deplorable. For those of us in (reasonably well paid) employment, the (unwarranted) 17% uplift between 50 and 80k is offset by the additional 10% we will pay on NI contributions. This doesnt apply to wealthy pensioners who dont pay NI. Please god let Rory Stewart win this contest.

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middle earners ???

that way above my pay grade

BORIS is fucking typical upper class fucking half whit

looking after his own kind

there is not one of the 10 fit to be prime minister

nearest is esther Mcvey

McVey who wants to prorogue parliament ?


Going back to Poet’s post, Boris will promise whatever people want to hear, he will deliver nothing. He has only one ambition, which is to become PM, probably a bet he had with Sqiffy Barmy Turtle Trousers at Eaton.

Post Brexit, public finance will be under huge pressure, there simply will not be the money to deliver a tax cut to the well off in addition to keeping public services running… Unless he plans to privitise the NHS, in which case the tax cut to the well off is offset by the cost of insurance, who knows what happens to those unable to afford insurance, not that Boris cares

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Pretty much with SB20 and Jorgan here, but can’t face voting Tory, really concerned about the extreme views of both big parties ( I don’t think people realise the power momentum have in labour), I’d like to think it might let the Liberals get more seats but I think apathy will take over and many will simply not vote.

I’m somewhat terrified by brexit, our corner of the country is often overlooked and a lot of local people seem to think it will be a magical pill that will sort out local problems without really thinking it through. Some of the reasons for wanting out are staggering.


Oh. :see_no_evil:
I missed that bit!

So NI is going up to 12% above £50k?
It’s currently 12% at £8,500(ish) up to £50k, then 2% above that.

i agree as i said not one of them fit for office,but liked her comments at weekend on Andrew Marr show

if hunt gets in they won,t win the next election


for gove what he all about

Yes. The rest of the money to pay for it will come from the money put aside for no deal Brexit. Given that he hasn’t ruled out a no deal Brexit, I’m yet to work out if spending the money put aside for a no deal Brexit means he is ruling out a no deal Brexit. Fat Buddha has him right. The only joy I will take from any of this is seeing the look on Steve Baker and the rest of the ERG faces if the buffoon actually wins and then sells them all down the river…

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that’s £100pcm extra at £74k, then £50pcm extra at £80k.
Devious media reporting!

I’ve voted LD from 2015 onwards, in everything. Whilst it might seem like a ‘wasted vote’ however, I am exercising my vote, which a lot don’t bother doing who favour the middle ground. I have to cajole my wife to vote on most occasions. The whole Lib Dem Student Fee betrayal thing was BS; the LDs were very much in a minority coalition - things were going to have to give in a big way.

UK politics is pretty Binary these days; a little like the US.

Anyway, sure there’s a triathlon thread I need to post on…

Boris had his chance in the last leadership contest and he or another brexiteer should have led the party/government - except that most tory MPs didn’t want brexit. What popular appeal for being a buffoon he once had, he certainly doesn’t have today. Didn’t he also get Trump’s backing? That should be the death of his ambitions…

Of the others? No one particularly stands out. But this sums up the mediocrity of the governing elite across the board…

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