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Agree re Usyk, absolute class act. Reckon Fury will be the best he’s faced in terms of ringcraft though?

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I don’t like dopers, so always want Fury to lose

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This aint real but :rofl:


If they were the same size there is only one winner here.

Usyk is vulnerable to the body, as AJ and DDD found out, his feet are things of beauty though and his engine would rival the top boys in our sport.

The fury that turned up for the second Wilder fight beats any heavy alive today and most of the last few decades, the guy that got off the couch v the wrestler last time out wouldn’t win a round v the Ukrainian.

Good undercard too.


I’ve been heavily skated in several sites for even “ daring to mention” this old news.
Canelo ( face of boxing … lol)
Millar ( 3 fails)
And countless others should have
a * after there palmares.


As good a boxer as Canelo is, anyone who thinks his clean must still believe in Armstrong and his 7 TdF wins.

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Yes almost impossible to predict Fury. He looks slimmer but not strong to me - as if he’s going to try to match speed with Usyk.

In my mind this fight is about range, if Usyk can keep it mid range he should get a UD. Fury needs to keep it long then come close for some mauling and grappling and leaning with a bit of rough stuff. Smother him, walk him backwards etc when he’s not on the end of that long jab.

I fear a shit fight and (another) gift decision for Fury.

It may be hope as much as anything, but expecting the ballooning weight, poor lifestyle and wars with Wilder to catch up with Fury - plus he was massively flattered by the wilder fights - and therefore late stoppage for Usyk.


I think Fury isn’t that good TBH. As you guys say he is huge and does a lot of grabbing and leaning. Doesn’t hit particularly hard for a guy of that size. That’s why Ngannou made him look so bad. He is big and very strong and more than happy dealing with someone grabbing and leaning onto him.

If I were Usyk, I would have someone who understands that sort of mechanics, like a BJJ or Judo coach help me out.


What times the ring walk meant to be on Saturday? 11pm I see somewhere?

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Yes 11 has been mentioned a few times already
But I guess when Frank Sanchez ( rising heavyweight star) is 8 fights out from the main event all depends how many of the fights require the 47 mins ( if there a 12 round title fight)
With Moses I, Issac lowe, Chamberlain, Sergy Kovalev, All featuring and title fights with Jai Opertaia / Breidis ( rematch ) plus the Welsh wizard Joe Córdina it could be considerably later I guess.

Uncle Turki getting his hand in his pocket again.

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See this is we’re I’m conflicted.

I’m not a ginger fan
He 100% used clen between the first and second Golovkin fights, and the shameful antics of the
Crooks ( WBC) banning then exonerating him just highlights the corruption ruining the sport.

Some serious cherry picks along the way, dragging smaller fighters up

Draining larger fighters down

I guess when your earning more for one fight than the rest put together you play to the A side

That said he has had 65 pro fights
He has fought the best mostly
Unifying 168 by beating 3 champions who were 78-0 between them during a global pandemic is to be commended.

He’s even learnt English and interviews well now, but like you I will never see past the peds.


Looks like the gypsy :crown: doesn’t have too many TT fans….

I don’t like Fury that much as a person, but if I had to pick then I would go with him based on the big skilled boxer always beats the small skilled boxer. I expect Fury to lean on/ rough up Usyk and try and tire him out; also I would expect him to try and use his jab/extra reach, good movement to keep Usyk at bay. However that said Usyk is an incredible Cruiserweight turned Heavyweight (in recent times only Holyfield surpasses him) and I expect him to go for the cut Fury sustained recently. If that opens up then Fury is in a whole load of trouble. The fight at that point could get quite messy, in all senses, if Fury thinks that he is losing. That said I would hate to see any fight stopped due to cuts. This is going to be Fury’s biggest test by some considerable margin; apart from these two fighters the Heavyweight division is not very good. Whatever the result I hope that there is nothing controversial to spoil what is a fight that I have waiting for, for a long time


Pretty much what you said @Sparky


If you add up the pundits predictions you can normally “ forecast “ a fight
A few people make a few quid week in week out sort of doing that.

They really are split down the middle on this one, I’ll be amazed if there no drama snd I get the feeling that this one won’t go how lots of people expect it to go.

Predictions tomorrow


Well if you look at the predictions in the Ring Magazine where they asked twenty experts it was 11-9 to Fury; so basically a 50:50 fight.
Just seen the ’ face off’. Such disrespect from Fury. Now I really want Usyk to win
However that plus the way Fury looks; he is taking this fight incredibly seriously


Fury looks trim, but is he strong? He needs the fight at range, and then close up mauling and grappling.

Fighters with Fury’s lifestyle - especially the dramatic weight losses needed in training camp - always end up suddenly, unexpectedly shot at some point.

Agree this one is so hard to call, so many unknowns. I’ve shelled out my £25 - even though it’s most likely to be a messy, close, disappointing fight with a controversial decision……


Who have you bet on ?
Rounds ?

My brother bets and does well too, but then looses it all on football, I think he’s having a punt on fury TKO 6-9?

I am now going for a controversial draw which sets up the rematch :slight_smile: (you probably good get good odds on that)

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A random fight fan friend of mine put £200 IIRC on the first GGG V Canelo fight

A majority draw but Golovkin clearly won !
18-1 I think

Nice work!!!
I can’t see a draw with them two and I think one of them will give a “ surprising “ performance to take the win, some fighters get better with better opposition.
But which one?!

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