British Cycling - the golden years are over

Fair enough, but what’s the new medal target? Golf? Artistic snowboard?


Surfing. Team are hogging a lot of the pool time at the artificial reefs by all accounts.


I hear The Wave near Bristol is good?

Not sure they will be snowboarding in Tokyo.

Always need more rowing medals :smiley:

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WaveGarden is ok in Wales. Kelly Slater’s Wave Ranch runs at $4k per day. (two sessions). here is the mack daddy though.

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Doesn’t look like too many developers have taken up the offer yet? That 360 degree wave pool looks amazing; what a great & innovative piece of engineering. How much does it cost to surf there?

Slater’s Surf Ranch, watched it on YouTube; it says $10k for an hour session…and you only get a wave every 4-5 mins :thinking: :rofl: :-1: :-1: What a joke.

That’s pretty flippin impressive!!!

You can’t surf at 5 Waves, it’s built as a showcase to sell worldwide construction licences. Probably will see some in the next couple of years around the globe but you need a big footprint for it.

Interestingly, it’s built at Yepoon in Qld, they used to have a great HIM there at a resort which is completely derelict now.

I have seen Slater’s ranch before on YT but it wasn’t until I watched Ben Gravy’s film that I looked up costs, it’s insane. I think the $10k package gets you the VIP treatment and overnight stay.

The YouTube comments about Slater’s place are spot-on…way cheaper to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks!


I think most people who pay that kind of money, do so in the hope that he’ll be there but I doubt that he is much.

It looked great but very ‘corporate’ to me.

Dr Freeman is finally giving evidence. He destroyed his interim laptop so Indians (people from India not the First Nations people) wouldn’t be able to steal the data. He did order the Testogel for Shane Sutton, who demanded it. Looks to me that he and Sutton have been thrown under the bus.

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Why did he need to specify India regarding stealing his data?! Surely the hack by Russians was what started all this…

Also, judging by a FB thread I saw, using the term ‘Native American’ or ‘First Nation’ opens a complete can of worms, as people claim American Indians descended from blood outside the continent etc. I have no idea if any of this has any basis.

Sean Ingle on Twitter is a fascinating read today. What a place BC appears to be.

Fran Miller has left Ineos by the way - gone to Belstaff apparently. Big shake up in the team???

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Like the Nike Oregon Project…win at all costs.

I’m beginning to wonder how different Sir Dave and Lance really are. Put them in a room together, you either get world beating success, or one kills the other :sweat_smile:

Freeman sounds a like a basket case who can’t stand up for himself. Not really the right doctor for a sports environment.

Ingle keeps using the word ‘bombshell’. But it isn’t really is it. Everyone, everyone, knows that grey, or just plain black, doping was going on. It just hasn’t been proven.


TBH I think that’s probably due in a large part to the way the UK Sport funding model works.

If you don’t hit your medal targets at the Olympics, your funding gets slashed. Therefore, you’ve got a big team of support staff whose liveliehood is completely dependent on the performances every 4 years of a handful of athletes.


I think said he had a previous laptop stolen in India.

Sounds like a line from the Bourne Supremacy…

"we were throwing money at them, and telling them to keep it dark"

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Not a great window into the sport.

At the very least he looks like a bumbling idiot, at worse purposeful doping.

In a dark moment, it still makes me chuckle that Sutton lost his rag and stormed out when confronted with allegations about his impotence. The look on his face was priceless. Anger mixed with confusion.


As an aside, my coffee was dispersed across the table as I read that Bradley Wiggins …

“But one thing that I have realised over the last 12 to 18 months is that I probably always used to put other people first. Thanks to a close circle of friends I have been able to realise that I also deserve my own happiness.

Yup. Olympic Gold medallist and TDF winner complains that they used to put other people first.

Don’t worry Brad, we believe you :rofl: