Brixham Harbour Triathlon

I have entered Brixham Harbour Triathlon (Disclaimer, it is set up by a friend of mine). Is anyone else on here local/fancy it? It’s a first time event, but I have tried the cycle course and it is “challenging” to say the least.

Do you have any details (i guess i could always just google it!).

Though the last time i was in Brixham i ended up wrecking my knee ligaments and being out for about 6 weeks! haha

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My parents live about 400m from transition, and they sent me a link the other day. Certainly challenging, would fancy a trip down if I can make the dates fit.

Interesting they went for Olympic distance (not complaining, there aren’t enough of them about).

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Sea swim and a tough bike.

That’s not good! How did you manage that?

Yeah, I think Sprint wouldve been a more popular distance but as you say, there are a fair few about.

Yeah i think that was a good call. You’ve got Exmouth and Dawlish, both sprints, in Sept. Think there’s one down near Slapton/Blackpool bay. Plus the various du’s a pool based swims.

Wasn’t really tri related - i jumped off Berry Head and landed like a 35 year old and not an 18 year old. I forgot i was the former!

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A week before the Outlaw Half, so rules me out; looks like it should be a good event though :slightly_smiling_face:

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