Brownlee & LCB To Target IM Records

…but in a Kipchoge "Ineos 1:59 Challenge " style in the spring of '22.

“We will have special HUUB wetsuits that will be thicker than permitted under ironman rules, and provide more buoyancy and make us faster. While on the bike, we will draft off pacers like in the Tour de France.”


I think we need a TT sweepstake on what times they’ll smash out
Sub 7 anyone?

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Late news!

You’re like the London Metro. Just copying word for word from other, credible, news sites! :joy: :joy:


Let me guess…slowtwitch??

ah yes I see it’s there already… scurries off down rabbit hole instead of going out for bike ride…

No, my thread posted about 8 mins before @Doonhamer! :joy:


LOL must have missed that :smiley:

Personally I’m a doubter on sub 7 unless they use moto draft on the bike

if we are talking drafting from other human cyclists, then without giving it too much thought I;m going to wade in at 7h10 for Ali

45 / 1 / 3:51 / 0 / 2:33

That’s drafting behing human cyclists. If they draft behind motorised vehicles or look for mad wind assist then crazy times are possible. So much depends on the conditions set for the bike I reckon

So they’re making up their own event to get a “world record” will they be printing off their own certificate from that website @Jorgan found? What a ludicrous thing, I’m glad I don’t know who LCB is, and Brownlee has gone seriously down in my estimation.

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Haha what’s not to like though?

Did you not enjoy Kipchoge’s sub 2 spectacle?

He’ll probably call the whole thing off after reading this :rofl:


Not particularly, but had a little more respect for it, Kipchoge had won most of the major races, had the actual record under normal conditions etc. Has Brownlee even got the British record? He’s won what Western Australia and a “covid secure” duathlon? How about he actually tries to win kona rather than using his Olympic distance fame to take away from others?

You’re making me more annoyed about it asking me!



It’s a marketing spectacle, personally i don’t see the problem with it. Why not. Nobody informed actually considers it a real world record. If they get some exposure and a payday out of it, why not? It’s their job at the end of the day.

I guess it depends on how ‘legit’ they want it to be. Clearly it’ll be on a sliding scale, starting a fair bit away from in a race situation.

Sorry @Doonhamer, I’m going to Lock this thread, as the other one has more replies.

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