Car Thread - anything to do with automobiles here

Yeah yeah, I used to have a Porsche blah blah, but now I’m middle aged, balding and spending all my money on the house/kids.

Your car questions and brags here.

If you can no longer afford a Porsche - make your bike look like one :wink:


Just not a Cayenne or Macan…though judging by most triathletes head position… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I used to have a Porsche - a 1983 3.2 Carrera. Sold it in 2002 for £8000 when my second son was born… currently they sell for £50,000

There is something very sad about middle age men (overweight) driving around in their Porsche. Even worse than MAMILS on their TT bikes






I had a Fiat Stilo, now i have a Peugeot 407 SW.

So … :firecracker::fire:

No person of normal height could fit their bike inside a Boxster :wink:


Hmm, I would disagree. Most people have cars, and if you can afford a nice one then why not.

I’m just jealous… and there is nothing wrong with owning or wanting to own a nice car. What does annoy me, if people who use the car as an extension of their masculinity, especially the ones who cut up cyclists, because, by actually being fit, we represent a challenge to their masculinity. Also, I have a lot of exposure to corporate executives, and there is a certain correlation between the executives who are the biggest bullies and the type of cars that they drive.

The Porsche Boxter / Cayman are great cars, and due to their image are not coveted by the people described above. Also classic cars are absolutely fine. And I do have a certain longing to own a 911 again one day, just never a convertible.

Mr Dyson must be the right sort of bloke, he and his son are keen windsurfers, so can’t be bad, despite their somewhat hypocritical view on Brexit

Well yes, it is a case of “you own a Range Rover Sport*, not the road” (you c___)

  • insert any high performance SUV, or car that doesn’t corner well.

I used to have an Audi S6 V10. I sold it and now I cycle to work every day on a shitty Trek 1.1. How the mighty have fallen.

My P3 currently makes for a very nice clothes drier. Comeback starts on Monday though.

Boxster = ‘I cannot afford a proper 911 so I will buy the girls version’


Almost as bad as middle aged men who ride high end road bikes with loads of stack.

A friend recently loaned me his 997 Porsche 911; he broke his leg on a ride in February, so hadn’t driven it for a while… he said it needed a run, I needed a car for the weekend, everyone’s a winner.
The problem is, now I really want one. But I’m not willing to pay for one, nor budget to run it.
So I have nothing useful to add other than a comment on if you try a car nicer than you can afford don’t set up an Autotrader Alert for the variety that you want because a couple of times a week you’ll get an e-mail that makes you a bit sad!


You’re very touchy these days - maybe its the p*nis compensator you’re driving ?

At least my tall stack is driven by a medical condition.

Your issue is just envy really.

Like I said …

Graham, what are you on about?

There are moments when you’re an okay guy, but in the main you come across as an opinionated white middle aged bore with a stereotypically jaundiced view of the world. The type of bloke that makes groups of normal people start looking at their feet when he starts pontificating, and wishing to be somewhere else. The patriarchal hegemony of the UAE is probably the best place for you to hide.

Be sure to say hi when you’re next back in the UK :slightly_smiling_face:

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Jesus - touchy like I said.

You are the one with the snarky comments but come across as a PMS sufferer when you don’t like it returned.

How would you know what normal people are like ? I live and work in an office with 15 nationalities everyday so you don’t lecture me on getting strange looks.

I didn’t write the quote - I linked to it so take your mock outrage and have a go at the author.

And apologies for having an opinion without your permission. Must be difficult for you having intelligent people around you all the time and wondering why they cannot see your high horse.

I am not hiding from anything - maybe you should get out from under that chip on your shoulder .?

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Or, “I want one that can fit my bike in the boot…”


A bloke called Porsche designed one of my cars and I can’t get my bike in it

Well…the cats are out of the bag now!!!

I’ll stick with the work Hyundai and keep lusting after some JDM NSX-R action