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Yes a seemingly innocuous dig I confess. I drive a battered 12 year old Japanese estate btw, hardly flash. Which made me wonder if you’d just decided wind people up and then disappear as normal.

Basically my response just represented 12 years of seeing you poo-poo and sneer at others on the original Forum, which manifested itself in declaring my negative view of you, here on this random thread. In those 12 years I’ve genuinely seen a low ratio of helpful or positive advice from you amongst all that goading. For further context, you may not be aware, but many people were driven away from the original Forum by your behaviour, most notably females. Hence my reference to patriarchal societies. Little to do with “PMS”.

If you or others think I’m being unfair to you, then fair enough. It will all blow over anyway.


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Or, i could have just as much fun by spending £5k on a Boxster but I want to show how much disposable income i had by disposing of it on a 911 for 10 times the price…

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i never get to drive my Sue Barrow as it is known in the house and so I get to drive the Posh car most days…

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 2.0 cdti. Roof bars with massive Thule roofbox on one side and body boards on the other(with a bike lashed to the top). More bikes on tailgate bike rack. Erde Camping trailer. With height extension kit of course.
I think that screams ‘virility’ better than any Porsche could.


Definitely if you have the 7 seater version.


“My Other Car Is A Citroen SpaceTourer”

Land Rover Discovery Sport. It’s a nice car deep down but I detest Chelsea tractors and everything they stand for. Unfortunately the C Class AMG isn’t what the wife wanted (no hatchback)

Peugeot 5008 - Chosen because I can get three car seats in the middle. I also managed to get a family of 5, pushchair, bike and day trip stuff in so pretty useful.


Handed company car back and bought 25 year old VW Camper. I cycle to work most days so it only gets used once a week or so. Was a waste paying for brand new car just to sit on drive.
Still got my motorbike for fun and/or back up.