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Yeah I nearly fell into that trap. Someone hit my car and courtesy car wasnt included in my policy. They offered me on and I took it, not realising that of the other party doesnt pay i had to.

Thankfully it never came to that but I know for future to be careful


A new Mini is wider than an old Defender!


Defenders were narrow though.

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Just had a ride in a i3s ( bmw)
Nice inside … suspension a little hard obviously very quiet

The 0-30 acceleration was supercar fast

Much quicker than my Audi which has more bhp and even faster than Porsche, not sure about 0-60.

Ten quid for 200 miles ish
Insurance 450 a year

Nice thing ! Carbon fiber everywere !


Yeah, I like those, just wish someone would put that tech in a small coupe.

** for 40-50k


Fits a bike in the back :+1:.
Were you driving? The regen braking is really strong so hardly any brake pedal needed once your used to it, probably because it’s so light.

Read a report recently that these have one of the best battery longevity from the early EV’s.


Brabus #1

It lost on the latest drag strip race to a m3 comp
And a dodge supercar 800 bhp

But it was close !

Off the line it leaves anything for dead.

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I was on the phone to civil service pensions !
See rant thread !

He said I can drive it anytime, the guy is beyond loaded
He’s had 5 ?electric cars one was nearly 100k
He says this is his favourite ?!?

I like …


That was quick, settlement is now in my account minus the excess which will be reimbursed once liability is determined to be the other driver.

Will need to go and see Tyrone tomorrow.

I guess I might need to hand back the loaner sometime too, they haven’t asked for it back yet.


Yes, but they’re still on the hitlist for SUV haters.

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I looked into the i3 but seem to remember there were some big gotchas for me; range is shit for a start iirc? That was probably the first gen though.


200 miles genuine
190’in the winter in real life
180 if your driving in sub zero ( rare?!)
I was genuinely impressed, the speed off the line really was quite shocking, no idea on torque figures but they must be big ?!

There’s a Rex edition ( small 600? Cc petrol engine that means you can’t run out of charge too)
Very clever to be honest.


I think it was primarily a city car when it first launched, so range probably wasn’t a big feature :man_shrugging:

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Lol yup.

My MG4 is slightly quicker to 60 and 0-30 is mental and rear wheel drive. Not bad for a car sub £30k…

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Big benefit of an electric engines is they can produce max torque instantaneously, whereas ICE engines have to wind up to it through a torque curve.


For 30 k you have an MG4 0-60 7.9 secs ?
He has a 2020 i3s 0-60 6.1 secs.

Unless you have one of the new super powerful mgs which is an astounding 3.4 secs?!
If you do … how much ?!

Outside of a heavily modified vx220 the 0-30 time was the fastest I’ve ever felt in a “ small jeep type thingy “ crazy

Oh you car boys do make us moto guys chuckle :wink:

My bog std, 25yr old Honda VFR800, that cost £2800 does 0-60 in 3.2 secs :smile: :motorcycle:


But how long does it take in the rain?

4 weeks in the current weather!

:joy: :joy:


You think the modern motorcyclist rides in the rain? :grinning:


Is there Zwift for motorcycles?

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