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Did 100k in out 10 year old Range Rover - no issues not covered by warranty (and only one of those )

Edit - that was in the 10 years that we had it rather than having bought a 10 year old

Bought 2013 and sold 2023

Sorry - realised that the post could be read more than 1 way


A chap on the LR group said they refund VED back to it’s 40th birthday which was last April so that’s 11 months refund that might be on the way. Hurrah. Might be enough to get a tank of diesel.


The L322 was peak RR I believe?

If you think choosing a new car is tough, try choosing a campervan! So many to choose from but we think we’ve narrowed down to 3 now.


Mondeo ended up needing 2 new front tyres and the tracking done. The inside of one tyre was almost coming away and getting dangerous but even with the wheel turned it would be difficult to see.

Basically reckons the tracking hasn’t helped and that is largely down to the crap potholed roads :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Slightly frustrating as I’m aiming to get rid of it soon but don’t want to be driving a dangerous car.


Depends. On TT it involves watching endless YouTube videos, moaning about finance options and never actually buying anything. In the real world it’s pretty easy :wink:

What has made your short list?


Hobby, Rollerteam and Giotti. Seen the Hobby today, Giotti tomorrow and RT on Thursday.

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Erm, if it helps I’ve pretty much discounted the Octavia and Proceed as the boot is too small and now know I’m not out of work very soon. And I generally avoid YouTube and finance deals :slight_smile:

So, I’m now down to about 4-5 options, hopefully find out if the FiL is selling his Superb soon.

But ATM I’m seriously considering another Mondeo :joy: but the Passat is a strong candidate.


Everything is too small when compared to a mondeo! :joy:


Yeah, it’s like a 3 bedroom semi :joy:

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A pal has the Zefiro, he’s very happy with it. Reasonably economical and comfortable driving and living. He does a lot of European trips for work and also family holidays (2 young-ish kids). It’s massive compared to my Custom!

Next you’ll be boasting you actually do Triathlon!


Zefiro is a classic motorhome size - too big for what we want

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Was not expecting that after all the recent nightmare renewal stories! A small drop. I’ll take that (for the beems obvs).

£190 for the policy and £70 odd for the breakdown cover apparently. Oh and a £40 ‘service fee’. :roll_eyes:

I have however also booked the car in to be repaired as it’s totally lost all the turbo now, and subsequent power.

I can feel it in my blood that it’s going to be a 4 figure bill, easily. But if we want it to function as a 2nd car then we need it working. The cost to replace would be much higher as it would be worth peanuts in it’s current state.

Plus I’m easily going to hit my mileage allowance on the Kia before the lease ends. So I’ll have to do the maths and see if it’s worth digging the x1 out a bit more this time next year or just sucking up the additional charges.


You’ve not repurposed it as an on-street storage facility yet?


Still fully MOT’d and taxed and insured! :joy:

The Mrs does complain when she has to use it though! :joy:

Coming up to 130k now, so it has served us very well.


About time.

‘Turning point’ as Government pledges to tackle headlight glare RAC hails 'turning point' as headlight glare to be tackled in Government study


Perfect car to pick the Friday night chips up in :joy::roll_eyes:

(Outside Fosters chippy in Alderley Edge - registration :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:)


Following on from the broken headlight here I called the dealer this morning. It’s actually plus vat so ~£515 for a replacement headlight assembly :astonished:

I know we’ve talked about it before but with the cost of parts now it’s easy to see why insurance premiums have risen.


There used to be a thriving business with motorbike spares where companies bought brand new bikes and broke them for parts. They could sell the parts massively cheaper than the dealers and still make a tidy profit.
I’m going back a while, when a brand new superbike was @£10k and I think someone worked out that to build a bike from parts from a dealer would be something like £100k.
I guess the downside to that business is that you probably end up with a lot of parts that never wear out or break in a crash that no-one ever needs.