Carrying a phone

Why do you need to carry the phone in anything on the bike. Aren’t the latest iPhones (7 onwards?) waterproof? I always used to carry mine in a plastic bag or similar, but now it just goes straight into my jersey pocket.

I’ve ridden in some biblical rainstorms and it’s always been fine. You have the added benefit that it’s easily accessible if you do need to take a call (or a photo for your social media obligations :thinking:)

This is one of the few things I use on the 945, pairs with the AirPods easily and generally works a treat, and no wires.

I only ever used to have music for long runs over 2 hours to break things up but do it more regularly now as it’s less faff.

Rarely run with my phone except on the moors and more for emergencies and the odd photo.


One of the reasons I tended to put my phone in a back, especially when riding, is that they’re so damn slippery and the bag seems to provide some grip against the pocket.

Has anyone said it yet?

“I keep seeing this thread title and thinking of the infamous Slowtwitch thread of ‘Carrying a Gun’”


I suppose I’m a bit OCD. Keep it in there with my house key, id and some cash.

The phone is mainly if I need to phone for help, house key is obvious, id if I’m in an accident and cash if I need to buy food/drink.

Although phone’s are classed as waterproof, I’d rather not take the chance.

Where do you keep wet wipes?

Apple Watch.

Does music, podcasts, strava, and so on. There’s a cellular version if you need to be always in contact by phone. :+1:

If you’re running, surely all you carry with you is the toggle switch marked #Beastmode.

I carry a phone when cycling.

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