Just done mine. I’ve been told to tell you to do yours :wink:

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I thought of you when mine came through the letterbox. I was sure you were ONS!

Yep done mine too. Now where’s my lolipop? (or is that something different)

Who did you think does Census?

Sorry bad wording. I meant when I saw the census it made me think of you as I was pretty sure that you were also ons.

Ah gotcha, yes 'tis us. We did get a natty little purple mask as ‘promoters’ which i wore to my jab this morning. :grinning:

Isn’t everyone supposed to put ‘Jedi Knight’ under religion so it has to be officially recognised?


I was tempted but Mrs FP was watching me fill it in and Little One loves going church and talking to God. (I stay quiet :smile: )

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Wait! Isn’t that a “false start”?

I didn’t think census day was until 21 March? :roll_eyes:

No, you are allowed to do it in advance, as long as you 100% know who will be in your house or where you will be on March 21st


Yeah - we did ours the other day :pleading_face:

If you put anyone is staying overnight at your house on the 21st, I imagine the covid police will turn up…


So are there any statisticians out there?

Once we have passed the due date to complete this a proportion of the population won’t have filled it out. I think at that point they are encouraged to fill it out which will have some effect but the bottom line is that everyone does not fill it out; ergo we don’t know what our population is.

This I think is where the statisticians at the Office for National Statistics come in. Somehow they extrapolate a figure for this. Also the people who don’t fill it will be skewed by culture and age

So how do they do it? Just curious (well in reality I have a boring report to write on the Universities Digital Strategy and this is far more interesting to me)

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In “normal times”, don’t they usually go door to door and have census road blocks to collect data. Presumably this helps them extrapolate over the gaps

Last time iirc there wasn’t enough space for me to write against the appropriate response, ‘Scots, British, European, Earthling.’ I was a bit put out by that.

After all we are all earthlings by biology and life events, everything else is just human made divisions.

Not received this one yet.

Once again I’ve got two to my address, one for the ‘Upper Flat’ and one for the ‘First and Second Floor Flat’, and they’re both the same flat. (Edited to clarify… Reading this after posting it, it comes across as a bit arsey about the fact that I’m listed as two properties; I’m not, I’ve no idea how one would keep track of all this stuff without there being anomalies like this, but I am a bit concerned that because it exists somewhere as two different properties one day this will come back and bite me!)

I seem to remember being pleasantly surprised by how little hold time there was to update that I’d only be filling one in, and that the person at the end of the phone was really quite relaxed about it all. I hope that’s the case again.

And I’m a wee bit shocked that I’ve lived here long enough to be doing a second census.

haven’t done ours yet but plan to do so in the next couple of days. I’m also declaring my nationality as European

Yeah ours was a bit of a ‘mixed bag’ when it cam to nationalities, passports and ethnicities :smile:

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You can’t census me! Freedom of Speech! I will say what I like, you can’t census me - I’m with Piers on this!!

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You’ll need to be more pacific.