Changing schools

Well we went. Little One couldn’t have looked any more shocked if I’d punched her in the stomach. Then curiosity kicked in, then the reasons why she can’t change schools, then we went to the pub for dinner.

Now she’s processing…

Not had to face it yet but the secondary catchment boundaries in Winchester as a little bit more lax than the primaries from what I understand?

Hear good thing about Westgate at primary and secondary level.

Have two at St Bede’s, is that where you visited?, and they’ve both been really happy there. Think we are fortunate that there are several good primaries locally and, I think, not a lot to pick between them in a good way.

Moved school multiple times at primary level ( dad who worked overseas) and just seemed part of life and no problems with that. Secondary school was all the same and wouldn’t wanted to have had to keep changing at that level.

Good to hear, thank you.

I think the secondaries are pretty tight. HB is the easiest. Kings take in Stanmore (shudder) and Westgate takes in Winnall (shudder slightly less).

We visited Westgate primary, she’s currently at Western. We used to live right in town and could have applied for St Bedes but knew we’d move out of town and dropping off/picking up at St Bedes in a car is a PITA.

Are you in Hyde area?

Previously Hyde. Moved to Fulflood last summer. Fortunate to stay in walking distance of kids school.

Through kids sports know parents/kids at both Weston/Westgate who seem really happy. I don’t think there is a bad option between them though if you’re worried about catchment for seconadary can understand the conundrum.

Think Westgate was a little strange when they had empty years but now it’s full seems more balanced.

We used to think we wanted to live at Fulflood but after experiencing the shitfight at school run during lockdown with the Chilbolton Ave gate closed, we thought ‘phuk dat’!

We did look at Western Road once but again, no driveways for any sensible money (relative term in Winch!).

Did you ever ride with the Nuns Rd guys?

On the email list for nuns but never made it out as joining coincided with kids arrival and several really tough years at work for wife and I. Just coming out the other side of that now and tend to ride with few close friends when opportunity comes.

Live on Orams Arbour now and work hourA mean I normally avoid the traffic. Local house prices are tough but ended up here via London and Guildford which makes them feel more reasonable.

How weird, we used to live in Godalming (which I prefer to here). I’ve been out with Nuns Rd lots of times but not for over a year or so. I was in Venta but lapsed that this year and went out with Worthy Wheelers last Monday. (very small but nice club).

We’re in Kings Worthy, quite like the space and quiet but miss the ability to walk into town. I’m thinking of joining WADAC for running (Bar End area).

We’ll have to go for a ride soon!

Small world. Did a couple of a wheelers ride as they were starting up. Nice group but again organised ride times didn’t really fit in with life.

Ride sometime would be great. Likes your Cathy hill effort for some vert week or so back.

Sounds good. Heading out for another vert session tomorrow. Little One’s swimming starts again at River Park in the morning, so it will be a family breakfast at the Handlebar Cafe.

Sounds much like our weekends. Boys little older now so teams sports, till they get shut down again, fill most of weekend now.

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FatPom – Hope things work out well on the school front.

Just one small contribution from me on the subject of primary school friends.

My eldest daughter stayed in the same primary school, but two of her best friends moved away.

So, that can happen regardless of whether your daughter stays, or not.

Thankfully, new friends were made, so these thing generally work themselves out.

Good luck, Paul. :slight_smile:


Did you ever ride with my mate Kev Harding at Venta? I remember talking to you about them what seems like years ago.

I’ve been out with a few of them over the years when I visit

Yeah I did, on one of the first weekends I was there in 2013 or early 2014. Met Kev and a couple of others and Kev advised beforehand that we would be riding at 16mph, which was absolute bollocks, they were going 18mph+ and I couldn’t hang on. Kept getting dropped on climbs, told them to go on.

Took quite a while to work out where I was and a long time to get home in an unfamiliar area. Haven’t seen him since, although I did see him at Coffee Roasters last a couple of weeks ago.

Yeah tricky mate. She wants to ‘try it’ for a few days and if she doesn’t like it, then go back. I have no idea how to tell her that she can’t do that.

I don’t think she wants to go. Mrs FP is changing tack (in her own mind) that she’d rather she moved, than didn’t.

It’s like a root canal, you know at the end you’ll be better off but that initial pain is hard to take. :neutral_face:

Bit of a dick move. They did the same to me on a chaingang once

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Yep, a very different version of looking after new riders to an area than what I was used to from Oz (and Charlotteville in Guildford).

That happened to me many years ago with a cycle club in Surrey. It formed my opinion of cyclists in the UK that I really still have to this day.

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I’m like that with French waiters.

Well we got her across the line, almost, just need a start day.

She gave it some thought on the weekend and Friday night she didn’t want to change and we just left it, no prompting.

Then yesterday afternoon we sat her down and calmly told her all the reasons why we think it would be a good idea and emphasised she’d bet getting additional friends, rather than dropping old ones.

The we asked her what she thought and she said she was excited to go. We also said she wouldn’t be able to just try it and there maybe a couple of difficult days but we are here for her.

Now she wants to go and we told her not to tell her friends or teacher just yet. So three guesses how that’s going to go. :laughing:


Been following this.
The house move I’m looking at to live with Kat’s parents is 45 miles away so a big change. The local schools there are very good and look like lovely places to be schooled, though but it is a big upheaval for the kids.

Somewhat easier to sell it to a pair of 6/7 year old twins who are best mates though, hopefully.