Cheap Wetsuit

Make sure it comes with kid-gloves included.

So… Swapped my Try Before you Buy Alpkit Terrapin Short & Strong, for a Medium and managed a couple of openwater swims this week. A gentle jaunt up the River Cam through Grantchester Meadows on Wednesday morning, then as many laps of Todd’s Pit at Milton Country Park on Friday as I could fit in. In total, I managed somewhere around 11KM of swimming, so feel I’ve thoroughly tested the wetsuit for fit and comfort.

The Short & Strong fitted really well around my lower body, was slightly tight round the chest (but not overly so), but was waaaaay to short in the arms; no idea how it would fit someone taller than me. The Medium was slightly too long in the legs, too flabby in the forearms and loose round my back. Both were uncomfortable round the neck, with the Short & Strong especially so.

So the Medium has gone back for a refund, and I’m still in them market for an openwater suit. Thoughts have turned to both the Orca Openwater Core and the HUUB Alpha, but as I appear to be between sizes, I really want to try before I buy. I don’t suppose anyone knows of anywhere that either has these suits in stock, or does demo days, or hire for either of these suits…?

One other option, but at three times the price, is to get the separate Orca RS1 Openwater top and bottoms, in different sizes. Not really sure what to do now…