Cheshire riding suggestions

Hi all - with our family holiday to Turkey officially cancelled, we’ve booked a 5 night break domestically up in Cheshire here: It’s a little east of Wrexham.

I’m taking “a” bike - still to decide which one. I can use the Garmin route suggestion tool, but was wondering if anyone here from around that area had any recommendations of “must ride” climbs/roads/routes?

Run wise, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. And it has a 20m pool on site, so that would work. Out of interest, are there any nearby OW venues accessible during the week that people know of?

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That’s around @Poet neck of the woods?

and @Doonhamer can get @stenard up into the Clwydians.

Doon - take Stenard on one of those savage hill reppin’ sessions.


Haha I was going to tag @Doonhamer but thought he may have been too west!

Stenard needs the hills for Wales now :wink:

OMG :scream:
You might, just might, see The Real Housewives of Cheshire - they film there A LOT!


You could do the Horseshoe Pass above Llangollen from there I think

Castles ride and ice cream farm :+1:t3:
Include Bolesworth bank and Peckforton hills
Join up these starred places -
Lunch at Tilly’s in Bunbury

Manley Mere.

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Didn’t know how to share these but similar ideas!

Depends how far you want to go, but first links harthill and old coach road, both from the cholmondely castle gauntlet, as well as skirting beeston castle.

2nd is across to horseshoe, down to “ the shelf” (my favourite climb ever) and then back via some pretty fast and just damn pretty spots (crossing of Dee at Holt/ Farndon).

I’ve set them to public so guessing you can search for them on Garmin.

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I have no idea what this is?! Some kind of similar TV show to MiC and TOWIE?

Beeston Castle has a nice little cafe with lots of outdoor seating :+1:

Shows your class. Don’t let @Poet bring you low

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Come down to Staffordshire, Gods country.

You seem to have wrote “Staffordshire” instead of “Yorkshire” there :rage:

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Dearnford lake is a great OW place just diwn the road from you.

I’ve swam at Hanmer 3 or 4 times this year. It’s free, but can sometimes get a bit soupy.

As has been said Llangollen has some great hills, The Horseshoe, The Old Shoe, World’s End, Gwernant, Vivod, The Grim & Church Hill to name a few.

When are you over?

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Arrive a week on Sunday. Monday and Thursday mornings/lunch are when I have been given “permission” to ride long :joy:


Right in my neck of the woods now. Can map a nice ride past the 3 castles for a relatively short one/medium ride (Cholmondley, Peckforton, Beeston)

Head into Wales and get up the Horseshoe Pass,
Lots of country lanes with no traffic lights at all.


Cool, thanks. If you have any links to similar type strava rides you’ve done of those locations then I’ll see what I can cobble together. Certainly liking the sound of lengthy stretches of country lanes … very different to London/Surrey/Kent!

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Well, Carden Park isn’t far from my place in Chester - you’d need to direct yourself towards the hills from a bit further south but will be fairly easy to get to both the Horseshoe area and Clwydians fairly easily.

Here’s my go to route for the Horseshoe Pass, which takes in Wrecsam Steps, Worlds End, Horseshoe and Hope Mountain. I recently did it with my brother as he was passing through so started in Rossett which would be quite convenient for you. It’s a classic - just take care crossing the ford and on the descent from Dinbren as you hit a T junction onto an A road on a steepish slope:

This is what I’m doing tomorrow - Hope Mountain and Penbarras - both right nasty climbs but great views from the top:

Where you’re staying is surrounded by undulating lanes - someone already mentioned Beeston Castle - a loop either side of the Sandstone trail ridge takes you over Hart hill (from Tattenhall) and back from Bickerton via Peckforton to Beeston. Ellesmere is a nice ride - and good for a family outing - as is Shropshire in general or Delamere forest if you head north east (lots of short, sharp climbs around Delamere).

There’s lots to do and, to a large degree, you can’t go wrong :slight_smile:


Manley mere is open for swimming (at least I’m seeing people swimming there on strava and assume that means it’s open).

Park in the Past is the other local paying venue but I’ve not seen any activity there on strava so might be shut.

The river Dee in Chester is great - park at Eccleston Ferry - there’s a small beach to get in and out, head away from Chester (upstream) to avoid most river traffic