Christmas 2021 - The Thread

Similar for me though. I’m getting better at xmas for the sake of the kids, but it’s the whole big fuss that gets on my nerves. A million things at the school, book to see a santa, book to see a reindeer, do this, do that. Like you say, all ways to part with your cash. Admitedly my stone heart is softening when i see how happy it makes the kiddos when we do these things … but i hate being told/pressured into what i should be doing. That turns me off it completely.

If it was quite low key, i’d probably end up being a lot more Christmas, as it would have felt like it was under my own steam.

Anyway, all our kids xmas stuff at the school have just been cancelled due to good old C-19. No nativity, fete, lantern walk through the town, carole services etc. All binned as the school is rife.

Second Christmas party last night, I’ve got the school Christmas fair on Saturday. It’s jingle bells all the way here.

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And they just postponed the Christmas fair by a week…covid.

This must be Boris’s fault! Christmas is sort-of cancelled but not really!

Winchester’s has opened, a little early if anything, it usually runs 22nd - 22nd, something like that. No ice-rink this year.


BUT GRETA :scream::scream::scream:

The packaging waste from those boxes are KERRAAZZZYYYY

Plus the CO2 from transport, due to extra volume.


Yeah nah, no one gives a shit. Love me a selection box.


Even I thought Santa light displays were a bit much for November but the Mrs was on a mission and I wasn’t going to get in the way. I think we are at Full Christmas, barring the external Christmas tree, now.


You could do with jetwashing the drive, I also know a good tree surgeon :wink:


Seriously? We’re still in November - you need looking at son

My lord, where did you get such wonders? I was thinking of a snow effect light/lazer but I can get on board with this.


Fuck me … what’s in that funny white cabinet?

Actually I’d rather not know

Yeah fuck it

Re horgan

Macca’s problem isn’t Macca - it’s everyone wants to know what Macca was thinking when he wrote Penny Lane or some other shit. He was too stoned to remember so he has to do tours past penny lane or play Penny Lane, or whatever the fuck else he wrote about when really he’s more interested in the next project. It’s an albatross for him I imagine.

If you read excerpts from his recent bio it can be really bad. There’s no real insight - just vague hazy shit. I mean I’m having trouble remembering names now of people i graduated with 20 years ago. He still has to recount stuff from over half a century ago - and he has had a pretty full life since

Great stuff! You’d fit right in over here. Christmas season officially starts tomorrow with the first advent - the four Sundays before Christmas. In fact I haven’t got any outside lights up yet, way behind my neighbours!!

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It’s for the bins, makes it look all neat and tidy. Very popular in Germany.

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No earlier than Dec15th for us

may I just reiterate


I thank you


When in England I started Christmas later too. But Christmas is quite different here and nearly every household will have an advent wreath on their dining table tomorrow with the first of four candles lit.

On the 6th December we have St Nikolaus. He looks like father Christmas. The children clean their boots and leave them out for St Nikolaus to full them up with chocolates and a little present. Advent calenders are usually handmade, hence me going to the Lindt outlet today to buy chocolate for 72 little packages.


:laughing: I’m sure it’s off Amazon, but I’m afraid I couldnt say what product exactly. One snowflake pattern projector and one “Santa stop here”.

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