Claire Danson, European Standard Champ paralysed following an accident

If anyone from here has met Claire Danson at events (in the South primarily) you’ll be shocked to hear that she was involved in a bike accident at the end of August resulting in multiple injuries and total paralysis from the waist down. Claire is currently reigning European champ at standard distance. A lovely lovely lady but just slightly bonkers with a mad hairstyle - just the right personality to come through this well - her Instagram page (cdanson10) already has her down as an “aspiring para-athlete”. Let’s all wish her luck for the future

Yeah i read that on the BBC, sounded very nasty. Hope she recovers as well as one can in that situation.

Typical lazy BBC journalism though, mentioning her sister in the 2nd paragraph! That has no bearing on the story whatsoever, the article isn’t about her sister!

I read this earlier. Amazing how life so suddenly changes.

I hosted Lauren Parker, an Australian triathlete when I lived in France. She only stayed a few nights between races and travel, so we didn’t keep in touch. Then I saw her name on the para-athlete list for Commonwealth games and couldn’t believe it was the same person. Looked her up and it was. A very similar story to this lady. I hope she has the strength to keep pushing forward. Lauren has made amazing progress and Claire can do the same.

yeh - BBC didn’t need to mention it at all especially as most readers won’t have a clue who Claire’s sister is (or know much about hockey).

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if anyone has the mental fortitude to make the best of her situation, Claire has that. first time we met her at an event, we thought, “OK, another daft cookie trying something different” - then she blew the field apart. always happy to have a natter with us TOs as well.

Lauren Parker is an absolute legend in Oz.

She’s got a contract wit the BE13 team as well. So getting plenty of good publicity through that.

Same team as Lauren Parker. Hopefully they can support each other through the ups and downs.

I was contacted on the day due to my connection as her TM…and was asked to keep the news confidential out of respect to her and her family…

no doubt Jon. one hell of a shock to all who know her

Indeed mate…I have been receiving loads of messages form people she has helped on the team…

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