Club welfare officer

I have been asked by my cycling club to be one of the two welfare officers, as we have had a junior recently join the club. Has anyone on here done this role and can give me a heads up as to what it actually entails. I’m familiar with safeguarding from my work (hence why I’ve been asked) but before committing I just wanted a bit more info as to what the job actually looks like.

Isn’t it just you’re on the hook for there being the policy, you’re the one compliance come talking to when there’s a complaint, you need to do a load of training if you become a go-ride club (I assume you won’t?) but I think you’re supposed to do training if not too. And I think you’re supposed to make sure everyone has a DBS - it’s finding out what the policies should be (can you have a club-run with one adult and this junior, do they need a DBS etc.) that’s probably more complicated.

But no, it’s why our club doesn’t accept juniors - although you’re possibly supposed to have one for vulnerable adults too…

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Ok Jim. Thank you. No, no plans afaik to become a go ride club. I’ll look into it a bit more. Cheers.

You are just the focal point for any issues, You will need DBS and safeguarding qual (UKCoaching one is usually universal but BC do their own as well). There is probably a BC course for welfare officers also. Its an easy role until there is a problem. Oh any coach that has once a week contact with the kid will need a enhanced DBS and i think once a month needs standard DBS as well, which you will be responsible for overseeing, or making sure they have one.

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