Cocktail/Spirits thread

We have one for Wine and one for Beer.

Anyone drinks cocktails. I think I should have them more often rather than wine as my tolerance of wine is huge.

I like a classic Martini, with Tanquery No10 gin and lemon peel.

I also like French 75s although they can get expensive.

I also really like a Jack Daniels on the rocks.

Never been a big whiskey fan though.

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I don’t drink really but when I did, I liked Maker’s Mark and on holiday, a lime mojito.

Snakebite and black, with a Pernod?


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Oh…I’ve just downloaded my phone to my laptop…

I bought a creamer just to make the whipped meringue type toppings for certain drinks, egg white with sugar syrup, bit of NOS and you’re literally laughing. :see_no_evil:

I’ve made gomme-type syrups from orange, lavender and other fruits and botanicals (sugar/water mix, with an addition)

I’ve always got the White Russian ingredients to hand, just in case.

There’s also a bottle of vermouth, so with the vodka and gin we usually have open, any sort of martini is easily knocked up.

Blue bols is also there…for the infamous “Del Boy” cocktail (coconut rum, blue bols, pineapple juice - garnished with glacé cherries and a pineapple wedge, oh and a cocktail umbrella -
Yes, we’ve got hundreds of them!)



Bloody Mary, spicy as you like tends to be my go to cocktail. Happy to consume a Mojito too.

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My man :ok_hand:t2: They’re my go to cocktails.

Fan of a daiquiri and caipirinha too.

Pina colada on holiday :beach_umbrella:


Me and gfriend like a classic Manhattan - like the ones they serve at Rogano’s in Glasgow. They’re amazing… I think my favourite is a dry vodka martini :cocktail:

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At Christmas I also like a Grasshopper. Think the originally had gin, but the one I make is creme de menth, white creme de caco, and double cream.

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Yeah I like a mojito. Never had a bloody Mary. Spicy one sounds good. I suspect the quality of it is going to depend a lot on the tomato juice. Any recommendations?

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Not with mixers but I have mentioned my growing collection of rum and whisky. I’ve currently lost count and need to update the spreadsheet. Also need to send some to auction because of space issues.

I do keep in sugar and bitters to make an old fashioned but not always with bourbon.

To give you an idea


Nice. Like a collection of anything, especially with a supporting spreadsheet.

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Well it’s half collecting, half speculating and some drinking. Don’t want to make a mistake and open the wrong bottle to realise its worth a fortune.


Indeed, not done at home so rely on the bar to put something decent in there.

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Keeping it classy as ever :tropical_drink:


This is the only cocktail or spirit based drink for me. Preferably pool side & air temp 30C+



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