Confessions thread. Don't be shy!

Just saw Jibberjim’s suggestion on the rant thread. Come on now, don’t be shy. I’ll start.

In my life time Ive flown from:

SYD-UK return 35 times
Syd-US return approx 13 times
Syd - SG return 10 times
Syd - Korea return about 15 times
Syd- Sth America 3 times
Countless domestic flights in Oz/US and Europe

and I’ve never had a dump on a plane! :grin:


I eat pizza with a knife and fork.

I’ll get my coat.

Ps not takeaway, just shop bought


I eat burgers with a knife and fork.


Is this thread designed to drive wedges between the previously strong community? Flippin weirdos!



I still eat Vesta curry when I can get it.


The whole Plastics/Greta/Woke Environment thing?

Could not give one single feck.

Happy to continue using my throwaway Starbucks cup whilst driving my 3 litre engined car for fun.


I hate living in the UK, I hate everything it has become.

Its nothing but a Muddy, damp rock with a collective entitlement complex.

Yet I am too lazy to do anything about it and move somewhere better.

Wow, this is Cathartic.


Sometimes I want to do an Ironman, like REALLY want to do one. Then I spend a year in misery waking up at ungodly times to swim in a pool, which for me is pure torture, or to run through thick mud on the local trails. I work tired, I give myself stress thinking about a missed session, but each day I put in the hours. Then I do the race, and it is very much type 2 fun, but when I reflect back I think … did I really enjoy that whole process, or was I seeking some sort of meaning or validation that my life is somehow not otherwise providing? If the latter, then an Ironman is not going to deliver.

Then a year passes and I start thinking I want to do an Ironman again…

It confuses the hell out of me!


I eat butter. in big lumps. on it’s own

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I put dog shit in my green waste bin…


That’s not normal!

I couldn’t even guess how many al frecso ones I’ve had over the years :upside_down_face:


As someone who has some experience with this in a few countries. Running from is never the answer, being pulled ‘to’ is.

The grass isn’t always greener but I accept your confession.


After all the DIY work I’ve done, I can’t go Mum’s house without looking and thinking ‘that will take some work when she’s gone’ :cry:


I think it’s the way the (developed) World has become. Like FP says, the grass isn’t always greener. Maybe you need to move house within the UK? I’d actually love to live in the Highlands/Moray; if you like outdoor life, beaches and no traffic…it’s heaven. House prices lower than down south, just got to find a job or two…


I’ve got no interest in all things aero (beyond maybe getting a cheap TT bike one day).

It’s too complicated for too little gain, when i’m always going to be upper MOP (at best) anyway! Even immersing myself in the threads on the topic on this site does nothing to spark interest.



Hopefully homeworking may well liberate a few on this front to be able to live where suits them, not where the work is.


Before ‘The Event’ (Remain Indoors!) I used to travel a lot for work, never more than a few weeks, but quite widely; US, Asia and some parts of Europe. I have been told now that this is pretty much over, as they feel it can all be done via Zoom/Teams. (I disagree, but keeping mouth shut and being a good company man in the current climate.)

So I guess this is contributing; I currently feel very trapped here.

But since the Brexit debacle I have often found myself ashamed to admit that I am from the UK, usually I claimed to be Irish or Canadian depending on the part of the world I was in.

We all know the omnishambles that US politics is, yet 3 three times now in three different US states I have had Americans openly laughing at me about the stupidity of the decision.

So its easier to be Irish in the US and Canadian elsewhere - I have an odd soft Scottish/mid-Atlantic accent, so I can get away with it.


America is wasted on the Americans.


I ran a 1:22 half marathon and had a ciggie afterwards :grimacing::smoking:


On the phone to the HMRC call centre earlier (See RANT).

I was thinking some highly racialist things about the useless operator on the other end of the phone.

Not happy with myself, whats the male equivalent of a Karen?

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