Contents of Your Fridge

Whatever was on the yellow-sticker shelf for the last 3 days or so, or on the 19p cans & bottles shelf - that’s what is in my fridge. Steak & caviar lifestyle for about a fiver a day for a greedy family of 4!


Go on then. Always up for some self (and external) deprecating humour. Here’s me at the mo


Nice, makes me hungry looking at all these well stocked fridges. Specifically I’m now craving Greek yoghurt. :yum:

Bottom left of your fridge door GB- is that a map of your fridge :grinning:

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Mrs GB’s plan for the allotment! :apple::leafy_green::garlic::onion:

How can you have rice based meals three days in a row???

We don’t have a fridge door, as it’s a built in, so our notice board is the opposite side of the kitchen.

But you’re one of those sauce lunatics who keep it in the fridge, also…how many supermarkets do you hit up???

It’s not a fixed meal schedule, it’s just ideas from the last ‘big’ shop. We then just pick and choose depending on time, what we feel like etc.

The 3 girls love ketchup, i can’t stand it. They keep it in the fridge. The bbq sauce we just use on veggie burgers - that used to live in the cupboard. Mrs GB to blame for that as well. The HP sauce, that only i eat, is in the cupboard where it should be!

We do big shops at Lidl and ‘big’ Tesco every 2/3 weeks. Lots of supplementary shops at either Tesco Metro or Co-op. Veg from local farm delivery box thing. Special condiments online. Bits and bobs from M&S as Mrs GB has one on site at the hospital, so will grab milk/bread etc on the way home. The milk was from the local farm shop. :rofl:

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Trying to cut back on booze, so the wine fridge is off and empty.
Don’t drink milk, that’s the oat milk for my wife’s coffee machine.

Mentioned above my basic daily diet.
I do one big shop per month (hence the four blocks of cheese) then top up daily (yes, daily!)

Spend a shocking amount per week.
Spent £977 February, £967 January and £1,420 in December.
That includes coal, logs and kindling, plus alcohol and some children’s clothing.
Works out about £260 per week :scream::see_no_evil:
Main shop at Sainsbury’s/Waitrose, then top ups at the same + Booths and M&S.
Stopped going to Tesco at Handforth as the social distancing is non-existent and they allow far too many people inside.

We have a monthly meal plan, I could tell you what we’re having for supper on 28th March :rofl::see_no_evil:
Not that it helps with the monthly spend :man_shrugging:t4:

Anything you will not eat…
Nope. But fake vegan “meat” like seitan is awful.
I now just have veg.

Favourite tipple?
Craft IPA

Food hangover cure?
I don’t drink enough to be hungover.

Takeaway Order?
Only ever have takeaways whilst on days out - fish and chips for me, KFC for the women of the household.

Best comfort food

Go to Easy Dinner recipe
Jackets with beans and cheese


Holy shit!!!

That’s ‘quite a bit’ more than we’re spending!!!

Are you sure you’ve got enough :cheese:?


How much do you spend a week? - According to the money tracking app I installed and got setup £150
Describe your daily diet… Generally lots of eggs and bread
Anything you will not eat… Anchovies
Favourite tipple? - Whisky/Gin/Craft beers
Food hangover cure? - N/A I don’t drink enough
Takeaway Order? - Grilled chicken thighs in a wrap with hummus and salad
Best comfort food - Spag bol, that’s what the Le Cruset has in it
Go to Easy Dinner recipe - Jacket potato, cheese, tuna mayo, beans. Kids make me scoop the insides out and mash the whole lot together.

Yes, sauces in the fridge, yes strange but amazing fridge with a double door, no I don’t know why we still have teething rings in the fridge when my son is 2 and hasn’t teethed for ages and din’t even use them when he did, no I didn’t tidy up my fridge to show you lot and I don’t believe anyone’s fridge is normally that tidy…


That’s how much cheese we should actually buy. Waitrose #4 Essential Mature Cheddar for £3.75 (750g) is an absolute staple. Stronger than pretty much all other ‘Extra Mature’ supermarket cheddar.


Punk IPA. What is this, 2017?

It’s Hazy Jane!!

(i’d not even come across Brewdog until last summer, and that was limited to Lost Lager!)

Can you still get Lost Lager x12 for £9 in Tesco? That’s the only time I really bought Brewdog.

Yeah…erm…probably includes flowers from Booths/Waitrose.
Hanging baskets from Waitrose.
Bedding plants from Waitrose.
Bread knife from Booths.
Also includes all toiletries, batteries, de-icer, washer fluid.
So it’s not all food.

@r0bh - we get through 400g cheddar per week.
Plus one halloumi block. Then a mozzarella ball…and the Parmesan is one a month.
Then there’s the 250g of butter per week.
I forgot the five blocks of that this shop.
Then there’s the “weekend” cheeses which are bought separately :see_no_evil::rofl:

@jgav - Do you have two or four fridges there?
And yes, my fridge is always this tidy.
I clean it once per month, before the big shop, when it’s a little emptier - fully remove all the shelves etc.

Probably £60 per week, £30 in one go at the weekend, two or three top-ups during the week. But this doesnt include things I buy in bulk - Soft drinks, water and peanut butter, that’s probably an additional £50 a month.

7AM Two Espressos
9.30AM, Breakfast, usually peanut butter on gluten free bread
1PM Soup, going through an Oxtail phase at the moment, but quite variable. (No chunks though,)
7PM Dinner, tonight its Chicken Satay, rice and veg.

I Rarely drink; I don’t really like the taste, or what it does to me. but occasionally in the summer I will have a frozen mojito.

No need for a hangover cure, but back in the student days it was a can of Irn Bru, two codeine tabs and a wank, all administered in front of daytime TV.

Takeaway order is KFC, rare these days.

Best Comfort food is a steak and ale pie from the local butcher, best I have ever encountered.

Easy Dinner is probably my own fried chicken recipe.

My Fridge is full of condiments, My freezer is full of steam bags of rice and veg as I am a lazy twat when it comes to cooking


Yeah @Jgav your fridge is messing my head up. Double door? But opening the same way!!!
Please explain :thinking:

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It’s got an inner and an outer door I think :thinking:

You don’t buy your batteries in Poundland? :sweat_smile: I get the Kodak Extra Life ones.

Nah, just grab the £8 Duracell ones from the shelf next to the tills :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: