Cotswold 113 #halfIRONWAR

Did anyone else see people running with earphones? I saw at least 3; two going the other way, and the other a guy who didn’t respond to my numerous requests for him to let me pass on his right. He was running down the middle of the track in his own world :neutral_face:

I hope the Ref spotted some of these people and rectified it. On this run course people need to be aware of others behind them in particular.

Would that be a DQ?

I thinks it’s a penalty. The Refs hang around transition in ‘smaller’ events like this (not IM) so they should just tell people to go and stash the earphones in transition, that will lose them time and maybe muck up their chip data - but that’s life init. Either that or 5 min penalty - but tbh people who use them are generally ‘completers’.

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One of the PT”s from my gym is doing IMUK, fit kid, big watts and can run abit too, but he’s “ down” to 94 kg… 6 ft 4 ish so he’s going to be a completer for certain.
He was amazed that you couldn’t use head phones…
The yuff of today…!

Pics are up. There are loads where the race number hasnt been added. Going through page by page and there are a few of Jorgan on page 522 if you havent seen them. It was the bike and the goatee that made me spot them.

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Note the unintended but perfectly matched shades/bike :rofl::rofl:

I finally took the Zipp decals off my 808 again last night; looks way better. They were put back on during a hub recall :roll_eyes:

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Floating down the finish chute, barely able to hold my head up :see_no_evil::rofl:
Must work on getting the head lower


I’m rather jealous of both your positions. Can’t imagine getting that low comfortably

As promised, i wore the tritalk jersey, plus luminous pink socks.



I wouldn’t get that low at all…

Who said it was comfortable?
Ibuprofen gel on my neck and lower back, pop a couple of codeine at 3am, then again around 8am :wink:

Stem is a bit high - with the spacers.
I’d like to get my head low, like @Jorgan, but lack of conditioning this year. A winter of planking should see me right!

My first tri for a couple of years since a bike crash. My only aim was to get in the lake and actually start as my confidence has plummeted and I was a nervous wreck. Mission accomplished. Swimming to the first 2 buoys was not great. Tried to stay out of the biff but it’s quite hard, but then the field spread out and I settled down. Woohoo, swim done now think about the bike. Bike went OK. Didn’t go mental and kept it relatively steady but at the same time wasn’t out for a Sunday picnic. Then it all went horribly wrong on the run. Took a gel at 5.5 miles and that was my undoing. It literally had me on the deck 3 times on the run with horrendous stomach cramps and stitch. Shuffled over the finish line so I was absolutely over the moon. I have now cleared my house of all gels and now time to experiment with anything but.
Graeme and his amazing team of marshals and crew, lay on such a terrific event. He even managed to get the weather on his side :joy: I will be back and hopefully nutrition demons banished. Well done guys you all did amazingly well.


Tbh I think it is just that - conditioning. The first time I went out in that position in March, I was aching after 5 mins of easy downhill :crazy_face:

I would happily sacrifice my position for your Ironman PB :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha, fair retort

Nice recreation of that photo of the Kona age groupers

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Someone is over the white line.
That poor car driver.
That looks like a Sunday club run.

Is that you in the white jersey?


Look at how fat I got. A 5:44 with 2:50 bike doesn’t seem like a bad effort now!