Cotswold Classic Sausage Fest 10 Jul 22

I had to re-acquaint myself with this race from 2019 - must have been one of the last triathlons I’ve completed, maybe I did another one (Outlaw?) later in the year, haven’t done a triathlon since lockdown 1.0. Remembering I punctured fairly early on the 2nd lap, nursed the bike around on a flat tub in 3hr45ish and managed to finish a few minutes on the right side of 6 hours!! Will be on tubs again, might take a spare round with me this time (or at least get the tubs pumped up to the correct pressure to reduce the flat risk) and will be targeting a time as close to 5 hours as possible (5hr 15 might be realistic).

ETA: Outlaw was 2018. Maybe this was my last triathlon. Thinking about it now.

ETA2: yep this was my last triathlon. Since then 1 HM; 2 duathlons and 59 parkruns. Must hunt down my swim goggles!!


Were you being serious about a good post brick day swim sess? Only slot I could get was 9pm so off there now. Was thinking more of 1500 easy pull with a bit of gentle floating.


I think we established he has fewer toes than the rest of the country. I reckon it’s how he’s achieving those w/kg numbers.


Back when I was fit :flushed::triumph:

Used to do a good brick session Sunday, then a hard swim Monday at 6am :+1:t3:
Then be in the gym for some S&C and rowing Monday PM.

Beer, innit.


@gingerbongo - Don’t ride a disc in public on a normal ride, you twonk :joy:

You are allowed to ride it to the local TT and home.
That is it.
That ride is also where you trial your aero helmet and kit.

All other reasons are unacceptable^
Thems just the rules :man_shrugging:t4:

^If your family life/location means a local evening TT isn’t possible, FKW TT rides must be complete before 8am.

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I’ve never felt like such a rebel :laughing:

Disc - EVERY ride. Cause its on the bike. Disc alu brake track, deep wheel carbon. I am not f**king about with brakes every ride - then worrying if the gears need aligning.

Aero lid. Most of the time cause its more comfy ('cept maybe when its scorchio :fire: :fire: :fire:)

Aero kit. Its generally less functional (pocket wise) and visible so playing by the rules here.

I might pootle up to the pub sat night in full kit - inc compression socks - for a coke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dude. I’ll be on the road at 0500! I’ll be done before 0700.

Disc or not (I couldn’t give the slightest of F’s), I simply don’t want to be on a main road on my TT bike any later than that!

Also, agree with MW. I hate fettling with my bikes. So my disc will live on it now until the race. Then I’ll swap back for the turbo for the next 10 months! :joy:


Noice :sunglasses:
Best time to be out on a TT bike, IME.
Plan all left turns and roundabouts and you’re sailing :sailboat:

I like fettling with my bikes :grimacing:
But the gear alignment issues are a royal PITA. Plus the different widths of rims and adjusting the brakes.

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Like i said on a previous post, it’ll be a mind numbing 9km e/w out and back strip of road that’s pretty flat! :joy:

Juts got to hope the weather plays ball.

Do need to adjust my handlebars though. But some bugger has moved my Allen keys and I can’t find them. :rage:

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What 40km jogettes, zone 1 rides at 250w and channel swims have people got planned this weekend then?


“Work” is wearing me out, so this arvo’s optional TT ride is deffo being optioned off :grimacing:
Plus I’ve got a couple of parcels to open :gift:
So I’d rather faff on with them than ride :face_with_monocle:

Run tomorrow I’m debating a flat 80mins, or…50min pre-amble, parkrun, 10mins home.

Bike ride is hillyAF on Sunday.
So I’m gonna try and crush some of the climbing whippets again with my raw power. (EDIT: I will fail, but it’s super fun and keeps me entertained on what can be a little bit too much of a social ride)
Then gonna try and run off.

I’m a bit bored of my own company.
So rather go out with the club.
And yes, aware of what I’ve previously mentioned :speak_no_evil:

The paradox continues.


I am doing a sportive on Sunday from Just outside Lincoln. Plan is to ride down tomorrow on tri bike real easy. Just hope the wind isn’t too bad as it looks like it will be in my face all the way.



Work has killed me this week, if I don’t do anything today it will be 3 dot days in a row. Not great really…


Cotswolds is flat so the bike weight makes no odds, only matters when accelerating and its not a crit race either.

Do you have time to get the P2 checked out at an LBS for confidence it isnt going to fall apart like a clown bike?


Can you not use your daily MTB?? Proper kudos for a sub 5 then :wink:


He doesn’t mean Zwift :roll_eyes::joy:


You look like your head needs to be lower on both.
Also - why two TT bikes :money_mouth_face:

They both look great and I’m envious of both of them :speak_no_evil:


That’s a VERY WHITE trisuit! Are we gon a have another @poet?! If its wet yo gonna get a nice muddy crack in that suit! :joy:

Also - Ryzon! Flashy dashy. :money_mouth_face:


Yeah you’re definitely right about the bonce, hadn’t realised how much it sticks up. Like a meercat on sentry duty.

It’s a long story about the 2 bikes, the P2 is the one I chose and assembled, the Trek just kind of came my way by accident.

Think I’m going to try repeating a recent Trek ride on the P2 at the same power, just to see. Unless significantly quicker will stick with what I have been training on.

Will probably delete the post above too, could there be a more 1st world problem :see_no_evil: