COVID-19 The Thread

Well, gotta be done eh?

Apart from the affect on sporting events like Tokyo Marathon, I see the markets are now reacting badly to the inevitable reduction in manufacturing output in China. I wonder how long before the reduced supply chain makes itself felt in reality.

Still, Greta’s in Bristol today…

I was listening to a doctor of immunology speaking on the radio the other day. He was basically saying that a pandemic is pretty much inevitable, but all the current control measures are there to slow the rate of infection down so that hospitals and medical support services don’t get swamped in a short space of time. His worry would be that you’d potentially see more people dying from other illnesses, like strokes, heart attacks etc, because there won’t be the resources to deal with them.

DUDE, I was literally ( :wink: ) about to post about this.

Anyway, as I mentioned in another thread, I’ve been doing some learning and one of the things I’m doing is data visualisation.

This turned up in one of the blogs I was following, which might be of interest:

The GitHub repo keeps moving, it’s linked to in the above dashboard, so if you want to do your own vizzes and maybe add some predictions (modelling) to it, here’s the data:


Sorry, what was that you just said? :laughing:


I think people need to be less blasé about it; maybe Govts do need to start ‘scaremongering’ if only to help prevent the spread now before it potentially gets a bit out-of-hand for the health services. At the moment, people just think ‘it won’t happen to me’ and still poke-off on holiday to SE Asia :man_shrugging:

It’s not necessarily the number of people that will be killed by it, but the strain it will create on the hospital infrastructures around the globe, and resultant risks to all kinds of patients.

Pretty certain there are a few modellers/stats gurus/data vizzers on here who that might interest.

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Power is out on the whole office park; it’s end of days.

Phone still works, so Russians aren’t coming over the hill :sweat_smile:

This might be better suited to the rant thread but can I add the woman who’s been on breakfast telly every day this week whining about being stuck in an all inclusive hotel in Spain because Jet2 won’t fly her home. People are dying you f*cktard!


I know. Free holiday ffs

The poor cleaner at work has been in meltdown about it all week :rofl:, I think she’s self isolated today as she wasn’t in.

Obvs reads the red tops!

I’m surprised my pension fund is showing as only down 3.3% on the month of Feb (at the moment) to be honest

Already getting one of mine thanks :blush:

Dettol are doing alright though. Their sales are surging and demand is outstripping supply in their major markets! Always a winner

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I wonder what the dust mask situation in B&Q is like.

There was a statement last week about dentists being concerned at potential shortage of face masks.

Mys JGav had someone in her surgery asking if they were going to get Coronavirus from the Chinese takeaway they had last night…must be DM readers!


Yes, Pizza and Chinese both give you Coronavirus. Maybe this advice could help reduce the obesity epidemic


Was the impact of previous outbreaks as much as this? Stock markets tanking, schools/offices closing etc? I remember swine flu, I remember it well because me, my 2 year old at the time and my pregnant wife all got it and it was fucking horrible. All I remember was my boss dropping off Tamflu on our drive way and running away. Dont recall it got this much coverage but maybe I was too sick to notice.

Saw something the other day that if its not contained they might bin of the Olympics.

starting to look very likely unless there is a big change in infection rates and distribution patterns.

the ITU are moving a Chinese located event (2020 Chengdu ITU Mixed Relay Olympic Qualification Event) to Valencia in Spain - scheduled for May. The associated World Cup event for Chengdu has been postponed and may not even run.

Yes, would think the worst possible thing to do in the situation is have 10,000s of people converge on the same place for a few weeks to then disperse all around the world after

Guess they have some time but if things dont improve soon they will have to call it