Crystal Palace Duathlon

Anyone doing this or done the triathlon?

It doesn’t really appeal to me because I think the bike will be a nightmare but I need motivation and variety, so I’m looking into it…is the bike course awful and hilly?

You’ll need to be half decent at cornering if it’s run at the same park/track as the crit race. One small hill if it’s the same


I’ve done the tri in the past. Wouldn’t do it again. That outer road is awful, and add in the congestion and the speeds on the downhill, and it was a bit sketchy. If the road was redone (but I’m assuming not as no money has been spent in that place in decades), it’d be great fun

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It’s good fun, well the tri was, laps are tedious and that hill grates by the 9th time you go up it. Road not too bad, not great. Its not going to be as busy this year cos covid. I’ll be there with half the kids from the cycling club. I’m tempted myself to have a little run out but its a long day out when you have a kid doing it as well.


God I did this decades ago…!

Very very strange race and remember a huge pool and a small hill you went round and round
I think you end up running on a track at some stage.

IIRC they made some high level swim team do it, Commonwealth ? Maybe.

The times for the 400? M”s swim we’re like typos a few of them swam 4 something then got on bmx”s!

Pleased it’s still going… crazy race


Came 6th overall and won my AG in 2007 apparantly



I’ll see if I can find my results ?

Obvs float day for you? And slow one for us.

yep, started in the 50m competition pool (not been open since Covid hit) and ends up in the stadium they used to use for international meets before the Olympics ruined it.

Athlinks says 1:05:44

Can’t find anything else

So looks like everyone agrees the route isn’t fun, so I’m not sure I’ll do this at £55 a pop.

It plays to all my weaknesses; no swim, hilly ride, two runs! :sweat_smile:

I cant see any value in doing this…except that my sister lives next door so it might be a bit of a laugh, rather than my usual solitary stoicism.

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to support a club that’s on the brink, and heavily subsidises the junior section. You get a nice warm fuzzy glow :wink:


If I’m around I might come and drink beer at the top of the hill. I’ll see if I can get through a can ever 2 laps you do on the bike.


the alcohol thread is >>

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That’s a little unfair on the Olympic legacy. CP, or the “NSC”, was a complete dive years and years before London 2012. Yes, it was still hosting international athletics meets, but I would think most top level athletes were turning up and wondering where on earth they had landed. I played American football for team based out of there from 2006. The pitch was in the middle of the running track, and we trained weekly in the facilities. A working toilet was frequently too much to ask for.

I’ve found all sorts of race results but not this one, my fastest sprint was 63 mins, so I doubt I will have been near 1:05, as it was a longer swim? And as Stenard says I remember a wet nasty little hill with leaves all over it that made you slow right down…!

The “Olympic Legacy” is a bit of a myth, sounded good in 2005 though!. The NSC has been left to fall apart, and I know it needed modernisation before but since we got awarded the Olympics in 2005 there’s been no chance of that happening. I doubt the pool will ever reopen now, the stadium and track will be demolished as soon as they can find a way to pay for it leaving little for the local schools but yay to the “legacy”.

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I was using the term a bit tongue in cheek. You seemed to be implying the Olympics were the cause of Crystal Palace’s demise. I’m saying it was spiralling into disrepair long before London 2012, so I don’t think that can be held as any kind of decisive factor. As mentioned, it was an absolute dive with no investment even when it was hosting international meets.

The only possible long term future for CP was the THFC Stratford bid, but I’m thankful that failed for other reasons, and I’m fairly sure it was all a game of chicken with Haringey council anyway, and never intended to be legitimate.

I was similarly disappointed the Olympics didn’t invest in CP - whatever the reason, any self respecting south londoner should’ve been disappointed. And if that lack of decision in favour becomes the nail in the coffin, so much the worse.

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So 28mins to enter;

Edit: turns out there’s a dance thing my daughter is doing so, I’m out before I was ever in.


First time doing it today. 1:17:30 for me. Not sure McDonalds Friday, KFC lunch yesterday and pain au chocolate for dinner was the best nutrition plan.

Really well organised by the team there. Nice closed off roads and still a good amount of people watching.

I do find the smaller ones are much better than the bigger ones that are there just to take cash in… Hever Castle having a particular production line feel to it so hopefully both this and the Rossendale Triathlon don’t clash next year!