Current Android phones

Any recommendations? Don’t want/need anything too expensive; I’ve just killed my Huawei P9 (3 years old) and need to replace it. Are there any ‘semi rugged’ phones out there that don’t cost a mint? What are the Google ones like?

The biggest PITA will be ‘building’ a new phone from scratch because I killed the old one (much like last time); especially where remembering passwords is concerned :roll_eyes:

I just had to do the same this week as my old phone suddenly stopped taking any charge. Just got everything off it before it died completely. I got a Moto G6 (to replace a Moto G5) mainly because they are quite cheap £130 and run an almost vanilla version of Android

Yeah, it got waterlogged with sweat in my back pocket during a 20 mile run home. At first it was just some ‘shadowing’ on the screen, which I thought might dry-out, but it got progressively worse over a couple of hours and then died. It will power-up, but the screen is black now. So not able to copy it across to a new phone. I guess I could get it repaired, but that would involve not having a phone for like a whole week or more… :smirk:

Another vote for the Moto G (whatever the current number is)

On my second Google pixel now and I think they’re absolutely ace. Bought the 2 outright, as there wasn’t enough step up to go to the three. And got a really good deal. Add in a sim only sim card, and works out much cheaper than a 2 Yr contract.

I’ll stay Google now unless they cock up any future iterations.

I used to be in the Google own brand world (had pretty much most iterations of the Nexus), but Pixel just went too expensive for me with minimal features.

I’m now on the Samsung Galaxy range (still on the S7). Advantage for me is external SD card space, water/sweat proof, and the only phones with ant+ built in natively. The latter is now a “must have” for me for using at the gym with wattbikes on trainerroad, and at home as I have ant+ only P2M power meters on both my bikes. I’m never going back to an OTG cable plus ant+ adaptor that I persisted with for years on Nexus.

I used to love the bloatware free nature of the Google devices, and I still get a bit frustrated with some of the Touchwiz interface, but I’d struggle to move away from external storage and ant+ now.

Moto G7 Plus looking favourite atm; it has USB C like my outgoing phone. I do not want to go back to micro USB! (many phones seemed to have reverted to it).

SIM free looks the better deal too.

Going dual sim next. Can turn work ph off but only carry one device.

Ah yes, I see that some phones will do that; you just put the second SIM where the SD card usually goes.

That’s usually the case. I get my phones given to me for work and I think our next std issue will be Samsung A5, so not sure how the slots work for that.

You know those repair places can generally fix most stuff under an hour?
If they can’t, they let you know.
It won’t be a week.

For passwords, have you tried Lastpass? Also, rebuilding android phones is so much easier now with Google account doing most of it automatically.

I’ve got a Huawei p20 and it’s decent. Camera is so good I rarely take out my proper camera anymore.

I got a Samsung xcover a few months ago which is waterproof (and drop proof so far)

Sorted. Moto G7 Plus. Yes remembering my Google password has really helped :sunglasses: It even has an FM radio, no more data use/dropouts 🤸

What I do appear to have lost is literally all my contacts; odd because I always set them to SIM :thinking:

I got a new phone last week, went for Honor 10 Lite but was between that and the G7. £200 is more than enough phone for me, huge upgrade from my (already good enough) iPhone 5.

I wanted a phone with USB C port, Honor didn’t seem to do those.

Why would you do that? Set them to your Google account and they’ll all transfer immediately on signing in on a new device

Let’s be honest, he doesn’t really have any friends!

I wanted to be a big Nexus fan, but the first one leapt out of my hand onto concrete (it has also had permanent camera issues since day 1). I then bought the next one (5x or something) and it was amazing … until it too started exhibiting hardware bugs. Two buggy phones did me in for Google and I reluctantly moved to iPhone.

My phone is telling me there are 72 contacts available to download from Google (from previous phone), but it won’t actually do it.

Piece of piss this!