Cycling near Glastonbury

Inspired by @cobbie , @FatPom and others I decided to brave it today.

Was a really lovely ride actually. I didn’t have a Scooby-Doo where I was most of the time, but could see the Tor poking up above the hedges from miles away so just kept heading in its general direction.

The way back was a bit more challenging and required a few map stops. But really nice quiet lanes and some pretty villages.

I don’t normally venture north of the A303 (mother warned me) but may have to do so again some time.


I think looking at it from that angle you are looking at it from the western side which would put you somewhere around Mere/Westhay?

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Photo probably just taken just about under the “e” of hidden on the strava map

It’s the Lourdes of hippydom


I’d stick a tenner on Butleigh :wink:

Every time I crossed a ley line the power meter flipped out, we’re talking gigawatts, also the display went all sparkly and rainbow coloured despite just being a black LCD


Strange things happen on the Levels. Stick to the path :grin:

Tie tied cycling jersey too

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