They’re not.
@gingerbongo - The SIS chews aren’t caffeinated, that’s what saves me with those Shot Blox. It’s a pain suppressant, innit. So load up in time and you’re wired and unable to feel the burn :joy::joy::joy:

(Until you stop eating, then the explosion is spectacular!)

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My ones weren’t caffeinated I don’t think. :person_shrugging:

Just ordered some Orange chews - if you’re on quidco (page at HotUKDeals) you can get £2.50 extra cashback (in about 6 months time!) if you spend £10 today as well.


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Update on the chews … i went through 2 x bars on Sunday on my long run and quite enjoyed them. Handy having them split into three sections, so i could easily measure how much to take at a time. Will deffo buy some more.


I also liked the orange chews, only fail is that they don’t open one handed on the bike.


Steve’s vintage hi fi

35 years the last one lasted me - used the amp and speakers to power my decks even last all the other attributes failing …

This appeared so I snapped up. Another 35 yrs and I’m good

I know it’s not vintage quality hi fi, but the jap mass produced stuff is still pretty decent. Maybe I can get better speakers… Stuff now is expensive. I was going to power my decks through this but it’s too nice - I’d probably blow the cones lol


Some decent deals on Amazon Prime Day I think.

Garmin 255 down to £180 and 55 at £110
Kickr Core at £374


Add to that Shokz openrun for £89 or pro for £109

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Yeah, saw those too. Altho if I’m going to get a pair now, it’s be the openswim pro for ultimate flexibility. They’re so new that they’re not discounted tho

Have noticed the openswim pro, but not sure how I feel about using headphones while swimming, and not sure if I would ever actually download anything onto them. Only advantage I can see is they are much more waterproof!

Which confuses me about the openrun v. the pro. The pro has a lower IP rating, and apart from marginally better battery life I don’t really see the reason for an extra £20. I have some very old Shokz headpones, also use there headset at work. Would be tempted by a newer lightweight pair for running.

Apparently the swimming ones are really good. Very tempted but I don’t need more stuff :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Bollocks, just bought LO a 55 a couple of weeks ago. It was the white one which is more expensive anyway but still could have saved £25 :roll_eyes: